How to celebrate an Argentinean style Christmas

Buenos AiresChristmas in Argentina is a mixture of traditions from many parts of the world, hence, its Christmas customs are varied and are very difficult to generalize.

Christmas falls in Argentina in the middle of summer but that does not in any way affect its position as the top festival of the Country. The Argentineans improvise and sometimes symbolize falling snow with little pieces of white cotton on their Christmas tree. Because of the hot weather, in Argentina, Santa does not dress up in the traditional red wool suit instead wears a red silk suit with boots and carries a bag full of presents.

Here’s how to celebrate Christmas the Argentinean way.

A few suggestions

  1. First and foremost, clean and spruce up your house in anticipation of the coming festival. Decorate the house with colored lights and red and white garlands.
  2. Get a fresh natural tree from a nursery or buy a stunning ready made artificial tree but make sure that it is well decorated and covered with lights and ornaments.
  3. Adorn the tree and the house with fresh flowers, electric lights and different kinds of ornaments.
  4. Put the presents under the tree to be opened after the grand Christmas dinner.
  5. Nativity Scene with Angel Figurine Construct a Nativity scene in your living room for people to look at and enjoy.
  6. If you are a Christian, go to church to attend the Midnight Mass.
  7. On coming back lay out a scrumptious Christmas dinner consisting of chicken, turkey, ham, rice, salad, pork and fresh and dried fruits and invite all your friends, family and loved ones to partake of it. Try gourmet food such as a Spanish Fiesta Gift Basket. You may even plan a picnic or a barbecue to take advantage of the wonderful weather.
  8. Take care to see that the drink for the toast is prepared with different kinds of fruits that are chopped and mixed with juice and cider.
  9. Spanish Costume GownAsk the children to clean and leave their shoes outside for Father Christmas.
  10. After the meal, gather around the Christmas tree and open presents. Later the adults can chat or play games.
  11. You may also go to see a fireworks display with your friends and family.
  12. You can dress up with a Argentinean Costume Gown.


  • JumpStart SpanishWish people ‘Feliz Navidad’ or Merry Christmas.
  • If your kids want to learn spanish, get them an educational gift.


  • Do not go overboard; do only as much as you can possibly pull off without straining yourself.

One Comment about “How to celebrate an Argentinean style Christmas”

  1. Javier Says:

    Noone is dressing with an Argentinean Costume Gown. Come one on ! If do that you will be the attraction of the party by sure !

    Also, described food is not much accurate. People use to make a big “asado” (barbecue) always with cow meat, sometimes chicken and few times turkey or other meats.

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