Christmas Lights

One best way to start the festive occasion is to put up those shimmering Christmas lights. It might be your tradition to string along these lights in your gutters or to have them around a tree, the dazzling hues and the warm glow these tiny bulbs emit are a usual fixture during this joyous event.

Where did it begin? The beginnings of Christmas lights.

It was in the late 1800s when the practice of putting up electrics around the Christmas tree began, this was the modern version of placing candles onto the tree’s branches. It was believed that an associate of the great inventor Thomas Edison, Edward History Johnson made the very first display using electric lights and then in 1985, during President Grover Cleveland’s time, electric lights have been placed on the tree.
But this practice wasn’t used by the masses until the 1930s.

Christmas lights have been made affordable to the people due to its mass production. The tradition of the use of electric lights in the decoration around neighborhoods soon caught on. Due to advancement, these strings of lights have become affordable to a lot of people that it soon made its appearance on doorways, along the roof, the windows, the mantles, all around the house or wherever the designer’s imagination might take it – this might be in front of small stores or even atop massive skyscrapers. These establishments are mostly bedecked with these glittering lights during Christmas. And because of the progress brought about by technology, the use of music in the setting up of these displays has become a widespread practice.

Types of Christmas lights

The usual lights that a lot of people connect with Christmas are the incandescent ones that are fashioned on the original light bulb. Since these bulbs have been here for a period of time and these are quite simple to make, these kind are the most inexpensive. But due to it being not efficient in energy and its durability under question, these lights are no longer preferred by a number of people. With the availability of new products that are able to give off better color for an extended period of time and at the same time reduces one’s energy costs.

The latest kind of Christmas lights is known as the light emitting diodes or the LEDs. Even though these products only reached stores recently, these LEDS are fast being used to replace incandescent bulbs as the consumers’ first choice since LEDs are more economical and use almost 90-98% less electricity. This technology enables these lights to be operated only by the use of small batteries for longer periods of time. There are even modern, high tech outdoor strands that have been incorporated with tiny solar panels that are able to soak up the sun’s energy during daytime and thus giving you savings on electric bills at night.

Artistic Christmas lighting

One of the marvels of Christmas is the extent that people make in their creation of wonderful displays. There is certainly no stopping you in this area except one’s imagination and if one chooses to bring out his creative nature, you will surely brighten someone’s day during this merry occasion when they see your creation. You can opt to go for the traditional décor by putting together pieces of various shapes (Santa Claus, Rudolph and the other reindeers, the Nativity scene, etc.) or if you really one to go all out and be adventurous and you the skill to do so, you can make your own display. You can even synchronize your creation with the use of a computer program. The only limitations that one can have are one’s imagination and some extra time.

Safeguards with Christmas lights

Just like with all electrical contraptions, one should also exercise some precautions with the use of Christmas lights. Following some simple safety rules can certainly ensure that you and your family enjoy a safe holiday. Here are some tips that one should follow when using these colorful lights.

  • Check your Christmas lights if they have the proper fuses.
  • Make sure that sockets, wirings and connection points have no signs of damage and if they do, have it repaired. Discard them if they are beyond repair.
  • Ensure that lights being used are appropriate for their location. Only outdoor lights should be displayed outside the house.
  • It is advisable not to overload extension cords. This is to avoid having unexpected fires.
  • When going to bed, make sure all Christmas lights are turned off.

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