Homemade Christmas Gift Ideas for a Husband

For a change, focus on your husband this year and make your Christmas gift most personal.

A husband and wife will be there for each other all their lives. Still, a marriage should be spiced up now and then to ensure that it retains its right flavor and does not become stale. Giving good gifts is one way of doing it. The pressures of generating an income and managing children may often prevent you from properly attending to your husband.

Personalized Sports Jersey

If your man is interested in sports, you can give him a sports jersey with his favorite team’s logo. It will be wonderful if you can knit or embroider the whole thing. Or else, you can transfer the logo and words on to the jersey by heat-pressing. Download the team’s logo to your computer and add to it the team’s name or your husband’s name or whatever else you want. Then print the image on a sheet of transfer paper and iron it on to the jersey. If you prefer, you can transfer some related images to the back side of the jersey as well.

Memory albums

Beautiful memories of the past have the power to erase the drabness of the present. Create an album or collage filled with the souvenirs that you have accumulated during your journey to the present. Use the photographs taken when you were both starry-eyed, or when you were holidaying. If you think you do not have enough good mementos, device creative ways to get them. For example, if you had visited ‘The Louvre’ but do not have any photographs taken there, download a Louvre photograph from the internet and write below it some catchy phrase like ‘In 1999, we had been at this paradise of art’. Like that, you can innovate in several ways.

Favorite Gourmet Food

Even a person who is not a dedicated gastronome will definitely enjoy his favorite culinary delicacy. Whether it is seafood or chicken teriyaki or black forest cake that your man loves, or all of it together, prepare it for him on Christmas day or the day after or before it. It may be difficult for you to make it just before presents are opened, so prepare it in advance, foil-wrap and refrigerate it, and place it under the tree only just before presents are opened.

Movie Night

You may be seeing all your movies at home these days, so see a movie at a theater as a Christmas present. There are fine dine-in theaters with cocktails and wine and wonderful buffet dinners. Or you can send the kids away for an overnight stay to a relative and watch an adult movie while eating a delicious home-made dinner. When seeing a movie at home, you can replay the naughty scenes repeatedly to your utmost satisfaction.

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