The Top 10 Christmas Gifts for Women

Selecting Christmas gifts, especially for women, may appear a bit difficult. The gift should, fist of all, be something that the recipient will enjoy.
Then, you cannot give the same thing to your girlfriend and sister and wife and mother, you cannot give them the same thing you gave them for the previous Christmas, and finally the thing should fit into your budget. However, there are many woman-friendly gifts that will satisfy all these conditions. All that is required from your side is a little planning and a good idea of their preferences.


Jewelry is a gift item that will never lose its charm. Even if you had given your wife or sister a piece of jewelry for the previous Christmas, you can still give her a different piece so far as she is fond of jewelry. A bracelet with a personal message engraved on it, or a locket containing a photograph or some memorabilia will make a unique gift.


Flowers may be ephemeral, but they are eternally beautiful as well. Colors of flowers, especially roses, are symbolic of many things. A red rose is symbolic of romantic love, pink is symbolic of gratefulness, white is symbolic of purity, yellow is symbolic of caring, and a lavender rose means ‘falling in love’. You can gift roses of a single color or mixed ones, to convey what you feel for that person. If the recipient is not familiar with color symbolisms, you can explain it in a message with the gift.

Gift Cards

Gift cards will also make good Christmas gifts for a female relative. There are gift cards of restaurants, cloth stores, book stores, and holiday locations. So give her a gift card of something that she needs or is bound to enjoy.


Chocolates taste heavenly and come in visually appealing packages. Further, there is an infinite variety of chocolates to choose from, and many shops let you create your own assorted gift chocolate boxes. Chocolates never go out of fashion as a gift idea.


Candles come in all colors, shapes, and scents, and candlelight has to this day retained its special charm even in the midst of bright neon lights. They make good gift items, especially together with beautiful candleholders, and more so with elaborate candelabra.

Photo Frame

There are antique photo frames, colorful ones, carved ones, and themed ones. You can choose any of these as a gift for a woman. An engraved message on the frame or the right photo inside will fully personalize the present.


A DVD can be that of a movie, music, speeches, audio book, sports, or bodybuilding. Buy her a set of DVDs of anything that she likes. If the gift is for your wife or girlfriend, buy DVDs that both of you are likely to enjoy and can watch together later at your own leisure and privacy.

Bath Accessories

Collections of bath and cosmetic accessories like soaps, creams, lotions, and nail polish are always necessary for women so that they make ideal gift articles. There will be readymade bath accessory gift baskets in shops or you can create a custom basket based upon the gift recipient’s needs.

Memory Book

A scrap book full of cherished photographs, shared memories, memorable quotes, or romantic messages will make a beautiful Christmas gift. If you are creative enough, you can do it yourself, or you can get it done by an artist or photo service.


Tickets for a concert if the person is fond of music, for a match if she is a sports enthusiast, for a drama or a contest, or for a dinner at a good restaurant, are all good gifts. You can accompany the person to the concert or theater or dinner or whatever, and thus gift her your time as well.

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