Holiday Candles

There is nothing better than Christmas candles to set the mood during the holidays. Having been a part of the Catholic rituals and beliefs, the afterglow created from these candles has been a significant facet for several centuries of celebrations. The first use of candles on Christmas trees was in the 1500s where they were placed as a remembrance, a symbol of how Jesus has been given to the world as its Light. . It symbolized Jesus as the world’s light. It doesn’t matter whatever traditions you have during Christmas, if you are setting up your home for a great holiday feast or just simply share a quiet dinner with your family, having a few candles around can surely cheer one up.

Here are some decorating tips to bring out the festive mood:

Decorate, decorate, decorate

There are better ways to candles than just leaving them plain. Bring out the artist in you. You can use some non-toxic paint and a little bit of sparkle, even carve some shapes into your candle or you can apply stencil using a variety of designs and colors unto the surfaces of your candle. Let your personality be reflected in the way you design your candles.

Floating candles

Another simple way to give your candles that distinctive look is to place them inside a mason jar with two-thirds of water in it. Tying it with the Christmas colors – red and green, will give it that Christmas touch that is being employed by a number of people. If you want to make it more unique, you can dress up the mason jar with bright colored and lightweight paper thus giving off a soft glow – a word of caution though, ensure that the paper wrapping is not that close to the flame to prevent untoward incidents to happen.

Gorgeous lights

Decorate candles outside? A number of people overlook decorating with candles outside of their homes but it is one place to show the Christmas spirit if one is careful enough and knows how to set the candles properly. For those celebrating the season with a party, one decorating idea can be setting up these candles inside glass containers that are wide and whose height is twice its width. To add some support to the candles, rocks should line the inside of the container. This will certainly give your guests a glowing and elegant welcome as they enter your home.

Harmonize and blend

If it is your aim to make an exceptional holiday arrangement, place candles that vary in shape and size on top of candlesticks with different heights and designs. But if you consider this concept, keep in mind that there should be a sense of unity in the way you decorate. You can opt to use red candles and pair them up with gold candlesticks and set them up atop your mantel so that it will have a less organized look. This arrangement will be pleasing to your guests and it will also be an avenue for you to showcase your artistic talents

Flip up those glasses

Another way to exhibit your designs for the holiday season is to get hold of ordinary and usual household items and incorporate them into your decorations. Wine aficionados can make use of wine glasses by flipping them over and setting candles on it. Anything stable can also be suitable for this type of design project, you can even embellish these with ribbons or even with some beads to produce an illusion that the materials you’ve used are not what they usually are.

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