Christmas Get-Together

Setting aside time to spend Christmas together with your loved ones and good friends is a great way to relax and step back – Christmas is really a season of family and their importance.

There is one sure way to disrupt the frenzied shopping schedule one has over the Christmas season, the long queues one has to put with at the mall and the number of people at the check out counters at grocery stores and that is having a great Christmas party!

But putting together, organizing and having this festive gathering can more likely give one a headache but with some tips your party can be the talk of the town in no time:

Know the game plan

It is good to plan ahead. Three weeks before you go out and tell everyone you’re hosting a party, take a seat and list down your guests. Find out the number of people you would want to have at your party and where you’re going to have it as quickly as possible. This way it will help you to think about how much preparation you need from the food and with the activities that is suited for the event.

Send out your Christmas invites

With Christmas hovering close by, everyone is swarmed with invitations requesting them to be present at someone else’s party. Parties being given by their workplace and other social commitments will surely fill up a person’s calendar for the season. Once you have made your guest list and finalized it, tell your guests about your party. This might seem odd but allow them only a short window to give their response to you invitation – maybe a week after you sent out the invite – they will likely give you an answer right away.

Make your way to the oven

If you are someone who loves to bake and make a bunch of cookies or the usual Christmas treats for your party, reserve some time over the weekend for you to bake to your heart’s desire. You may be a believer of freshly-made stuff but the fact is your visitors can’t tell the difference if you made these treats earlier and then setting them aside in the freezer for a number of days. You can warm these goodies in the oven at the lowest possible setting a few moments before your guests arrive.

Shop for the Christmas main course

With your shopping list on hand, set out to your favorite store three days prior to your party. During this festive season, a lot of things will be on sale so be sure to look out for them and carefully choose these items on sale and store them properly as soon as you arrive home. At this moment, you should know how many guests you are expecting to have, so having the exact amount of items would be easy to handle. If you have loads of stuff to make, be sure to have a strategy in your kitchen to decide on what you will make the night before the big day and the things you need to do on the day of the party. To give you a perspective of things, sit back and think through the details of the food preparation, this will help you in your planning and save you some energy that you need for the party.

Freshen up and enjoy

The moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here, you can spend some time in the morning of the party to add some décor to the place if you think it needs some more embellishments. Check your kitchen and continue what you have left off. Be sure to save some time in between the food preparation and dressing up for the party to recharge your batteries. You would want to look fresh and vibrant when you welcome your guests as they arrive. Five minutes will do the trick to energize you then you will be able to accomplish what you set out to do. Savor this moment as you share this joyous event with your loved ones!

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