Christmas Wishes

As you allow your feelings to flow in composing those Christmas wishes that will be written on the fancy cards and on the letters that you will send out to your family and friends, there is so much that you would want to express.
It’s that time of the year once again where one comes rummaging and looking for that address book.
These personalized messages will be something your loved ones will cherish as they enjoy the Christmas season. This task is a bit daunting though as you need some time to write a lot of greetings but it will all be worth it when you know that your loved ones will treasure them. You don’t need to be so extravagant with your messages but should reflect the depth of your relationship with the recipient.

Still having some problems on what to say?

Well, here are some few ways to get it right:

Keep It Simple yet Meaningful

A lot of people tend to put off doing their Christmas to-dos until the last minute and unless you’re one of those few who does their Christmas shopping too soon and finishes them in July, you might have to think a great deal before succumbing in to the idea of writing out a 1,000-word composition. Keep it simple and direct to the point and at the same time resist the temptation to compose something that is altogether impersonal.

Focus on a special memory

Having spent a long time with another – be it a relationship between a mother or father and their kids, bonds between siblings or simply connection between close friends – these relationships can give a wealth of stories. Recall one funny incident that you shared in the past and one that is in particular somewhat related to Christmas and incorporate this in your greeting, this will surely make your loved one to smile or to laugh as they too remember the fond memory and at the same time your recipient enjoys the words you’ve written down.

Use Greeting Cards to Convey Your Christmas Wishes

Relationships that have seen a number of years between them such as those shared between relatives or between close friends provide an abundant well-spring of stories. Choose something that is humorous that you shared in the past especially one that involves Christmas. This memory will be great to incorporate to your greeting. The person you love will almost always laugh as they recall that moment and also enjoy your message.

I Miss You Like Crazy

Years of being apart between two people can most often than not put distance even to those who have the closest of relationships. So when your loved one receives your Christmas card or your letter, this will probably evoke a touch of sadness as he recalls the loss that took place between you. Remind your loved one how much you treasure them even though there have been changes that happened during the time you were apart. The words you’ve written might be the way to cause both of you to take a closer look at your relationship and might make you to value it by spending more time with each other thus strengthening your bond.

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