Christmas Wedding Ceremony

For a number of people, the thought of making one of their well-loved days of the year be also one of the biggest events of their life is something that they find so hard to resist.
And to be honest, saying your vows during Christmas does have an extra touch of romance to it – with the candles that seem to shine a bit brighter and the mistletoe hanging along the halls does have an appealing feel to it. But one of the major difficulties that one has to hurdle during this season is how to figure out how to put together this event.

At this time, a lot of venues already have some decorations and with a great deal of offices holding their Christmas parties, it might prove to be difficult to book these places. Another consideration one has to think about when choosing to have your wedding during this time is the weather, this may be a reason why some of your guests might miss out on your big day. But with those concerns discussed, there are still a lot of potentials to make your wedding day extra special during these joyous times.

Here are some suggestions that you can have and allow your imagination to run wild as you create the wedding you have always dreamed of:

Look for a way to incorporate red and green into your wedding

It’s a well-known fact that red and green are the most prevalent colors of the season. Integrating them with your overall theme will be a fun way to show your creativity. It can be having your ring bearer wear a Santa hat or have poinsettia bouquet.

Be inspired by the season by making your own one-of-a -kind invitations

With the Christmas season in, a lot of people give out extravagant cards to their loved ones as an expression of their gratitude and love. Why not take this idea as well and connect it with you Christmas wedding and send out your own Christmas-themed wedding cards. You can even give small presents to your guests as your way to deliver the good news.

Incorporate the traditional greens in your wedding

Usual weddings always come with elaborate flower arrangements but during the winter time, this might be difficult to have. You might consider making use of the traditional greenery into your decorations – there are loads of holly, evergreen and ivy wreaths around during this time. This can help reduce your costs as these plants are inexpensive yet still give a touch of vibrance and life to your wedding.

Bring in Mr. Santa Claus

A Christmas wedding will be more unique if Santa Claus makes an appearance on your big day! He is said to spread joy and happiness everywhere he goes and with him around during your reception will certainly make it one of the joyful places on earth. Why not have St. Nick to drop the newly-wed as “presents” or he can even pick up your wedding gifts and drop them off to your new home.

Christmas tree ornaments

One way to have a unique Christmas wedding is by encouraging your guests to bring an ornament or two that they can share for you to put on your first Christmas tree as a couple, they can hang it on the tree that you set up. This is one way for them to share in your memories during the holiday season.

Let there be light!

You can heighten up the romantic feeling to your wedding without breaking the bank. You can make use of Christmas lights that you string together around your wedding venue and reduce using those traditional lighting fixtures. You can even add some candles to your design.

Snowflakes all around

Take your cue from Hollywood and enjoy a magical white wedding. With some fake snow that is placed in strategic location, you can achieve that New England feel to your big day. Be playful with these fake flakes and you will have a White Christmas wedding that everyone will surely talk about.

Transportation modification

The wedding is over and it is time for both you and your spouse to take leave of the church or from your reception, what should one do to still be one with the Christmas theme? Try having a white and luxurious limousine that is decked out with some red bows take you to your destination. Or you can go back in time and level up that romantic feel with some overcoats on and a blanket to snuggle under, a horse-drawn carriage will certainly will surely be something both of you will remember with a smile.

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