Christmas Ribbons

It’s that time once again to wrap up gifts for your loved ones, and the key to embellishing your present is to choose the ultimate Christmas ribbon to go with your gift.
A well-matched or elegant bow will certainly add that extra bit of chic your gift.

But having done things the same way for a period of time can make a dull task dreadful, so what is it that one can do to add a little pizzazz to this boring activity?

Yes, it’s true there are several creative ways that you can do to wrap up the items you’ve bought in a distinct way.

Here are just some of them:

Strips of Color

This technique would call for some patience, so this is something that you shouldn’t do at the last minute. Using a piece of tape, attach your ribbon’s end to one corner of your present, extend the ribbon over the item to be wrapped at a certain angle but ensure that you keep the trimming tightly against the present. You can design it in such a way that the strips are close together or as far apart from each other, let your creativity run its course, then connect the opposite end of the ribbon to the other end of the gift. To add that extra zing of the festive mood, you can use red ribbon over a white piece of paper wrapping or vice versa. Voila! You’ll have some gifts that resemble candy canes under your Christmas tree!

Ribbon tiers

So if you think one ribbon is good enough, then two should be something better. Have with you a variety of ribbons that come in different widths. Take the widest ribbon and place it over your present and layer over it a ribbon that is a little narrower than the first ribbon. You can opt to layer several ribbons over the other as long as you have a lot of them on hand. You can also make your design look a little classy by going for ribbons with varying shade and tone of a color that will look well against the wrapping paper that you are using. You can make your gift stand out if you use several shades of green ribbon against a red wrapping paper.


A number of families want to have that timeless look to their festivities and this is one awesome way to make your gifts go with the theme. There are a number of choices to do in order for one to achieve the preferred end product – it can be anything from yarns that have been specially designed for the occasion or just the use of plain twine that has been strung together the way ribbons do. Because the textures and characteristics of strings differ greatly from those decorations made of satin, they can easily be twisted, shaped and transformed into various designs. Having a bit of glue could come in handy, with a bit of spare time, you can design a pattern over some plain box with some glue and a bit of string.

Paper ribbons

Making your own paper ribbons is something worth doing but you must have lots of time, patience and a sharp and sturdy pair of scissors. Starting from one edge of your decorative paper, fold your paper up in increments of an inch, after folding the entire paper, you can cut out some Christmas shapes – a Christmas tree, a bell or even a snowflake, just make sure that there are connecting points in between the folds and that they are not sheared off while cutting up your design. When you are finished, you can unfold it and attach it onto the present you have wrapped. Let your imagination and creativity flow, you can cut out your paper in any shape that you want.

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