Last Minute Gourmet Gift Baskets

Gourmet Gift BasketsOne of the difficult tasks in giving a gourmet Christmas gift basket is choosing if what should come in the big package.

No worries, because there are many online shops that offer a variety of goodies and stuffs that will fit your budget. Designer baskets are one of a kind because they are unique on their own and they can cater to both men and women, young or old. There is no limit as to what you can put in the container. They can be foods, candies, choice cuts and a lot more.

In fact, gifts of these kinds are ore appealing because of the much stuff found on them. Most of the sweets and other delicacies are cooked to last for a long time so you can slowly consume each of them. Even chocolates and sweets in candy bouquets can be eaten in several batches. As an added bonus, the boxes, baskets and tin cans used as packaging may be kept for storage or decoration purposes.

A customized gourmet basket for the older ones can use some freshly ground pure Colombian coffee or authentic Swiss cocoa. Gourmet cheeses can also be added as a perfect complement to aged salamis. Meanwhile, a gourmet basket for the younger ones may include candy canes and other sweets that can be designed into candy bouquets.

Find a large selection of delicious Christmas Gift Baskets.

Meat and Cheese Gift

An excellent alternative to chocolates or wine gifts for a male boss is cheese and meat. Oh, how men love nibbling at these goodies. As such, why not give a meat and cheese gift basket with all kinds of gourmet cheeses, aged salamis and sausages? For that perfect gift combination, also include a generous serving of nuts such as cashews, honey roasted peanuts, pistachios and almonds. You can also put some wheat crackers to complete a healthy afternoon snack. Once everything has been consumed, you can save up the tote for other purposes.

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  1. [email protected] Baskets for Women Says:

    Gourmet gift baskets are so much fun to give and receive! As mentioned, there are lots of resources online to find things to put in a basket. Another idea is to pick a dinner theme - Italian, Mexican, etc. and create a basket filled with the necessary ingredients to make that meal. Throw in a candle or a DVD to watch after dinner and you have a real winner!

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