Gift Basket Ideas for Christmas

International GiftGift baskets are very popular for Christmas because you can fill them with anything you want.
You can fill a basket with cheese, chocolate, wines and even spa products. Apart from that, you can create themes for gift baskets. For instance, you can make a golf basket, a corporate basket to give it to your boss or a spa basket.

Gourmet Gift Baskets

Although it can be expensive, a gourmet Christmas gift basket is the perfect choice for employees to give their bosses. By far, the popularity of gourmet gift baskets have reached its popularity in as far as business setting is concerned. Usually, a gourmet gift basket is laden with delectable stuffs such as smoked salmon, wine cheese spread, caviar, Bellagio coffee, water crackers, Twinings tea and other gourmet nibbles and chocolates that you can think of. All these savory treats will be highly appreciated by your boss.

Christmas Candy Bouquets

Can’t decide on what chocolates and candies to give? Well, why not have one for each kind in your candy bouquet? In fact, any wrapped candy or chocolate can be a perfect addition. Choose from your favorite lollipops to striped candy canes and peppermints. Your bouquet can also use some help from chocolate truffles and candies wrapped in foils of different colors.

However, because of the many candies on hand, arranging them into a Christmas candy bouquet can be difficult. Thus, save yourself from all these hassles by coming up with a concept. Perhaps, you can have a fantasy-themed Christmas candy bouquet with all those gingerbread men, sugar plum fairies and candy canes. Another theme can be a White Christmas with all kinds of chocolates and truffles wrapped in white and silver foils. Of course, another great idea is to have chocolate truffles in cute gift boxes. Regardless of your concept, these bouquets are not only excellent gifts but also mouth-watering desserts.

Fruit Baskets

Fruit baskets can be given anytime regardless of the occasion. You can give it to your in-laws, to your friend or even to your boss. Most especially, it is the best gift for the health buff. Fruit baskets look great if several fruits such as plump apples, luscious pears and sweet oranges are combined with gourmet snacks. Branded fruits such as Sunkist oranges and Anjou pears come as perfect gifts if combined with salami, Gouda cheese, crackers and chocolate truffles of different kinds. No boss whether male or female will not like the idea of receiving such gift.

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