Christmas Cards the Traditional Way

While online greeting emails and cards make our lives easier and are gaining popularity, they are never the same with good old greeting cards.

Here, let’s look at few homemade Christmas card ideas that will capture attentions or the receiver.

Pressed Flower Cards

Flowers never cease to amaze mankind. The availability of flowers in many types, colors and various shapes makes it even the more interesting. Christmas cards definitely deserve the elegance that wild flowers can provide. Wild flowers are cheap and tougher. Grab some wild flowers, press it and seal it in Christmas Cards with a memorable Christian quote or poem.

Pop-Up Christmas Cards

Christmas cards that pop up once opened are definitely a crowd favourite. These types of Christmas cards are interesting and creative as well. To try your hands at making pop-up cards, search the internet for ideas and suggestion. It may take a while to master, but once done, these cards can be posted to anyone across the globe given its immense popularity.

Audio Christmas Cards

Singing Christmas cards are popular in stores but personalized message and songs go a long way to make it memorable. Purchase small recording devices that start automatically once they are opened (usually available in electronic stores) and start recording songs or messages in your own voice, Then, attach this gadget to the card. A slight twist to this card can be done by attaching movies DVDs with the cards.

Picturized Christmas Cards

A picture speaks a thousand words. The quote shows how profound can a picture be, depending on the story behind it. Put such pictures to a good use by inserting them into Christmas cards. To make it even more interesting, add catchy captions or even funny quotes together with it.

All in all, exchanging Christmas cards are a tradition that will never fade in time. What makes it even more interesting is the manner it is given. A universal idea to add zeal to Christmas cards is by adding handwritten poems, Bible quotes, and inspiring sayings to the card. A simple “Merry Christmas” can be sent by using online greeting cards. These features can help distinguish the real value between online greeting cards and handmade ones. Good Luck trying!

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