Handmade Christmas Decorations

Handmade decorations are fun to make and are inexpensive to make. There are many items, which one can use to make the various decorations, anything from pinecones to popcorn.

If the budget is looking tight, there is really no need to spend a fortune on decorations. Making handmade decorations is inexpensive and fun for the whole family. The whole family can get involved in creating beautiful outdoor Christmas
decorations. Even young children will be able to help creating family decorations.

Handmade decorations made from paper

There are many forms of paper decorations that can be made. One of the most famous is the paper chain, which has been around for years and years. These chains are easy to make and young children will delight in making these chains, they will spend the whole day making these paper chains, and soon the whole house will be festooned with them. Colored paper, scissors and glue are the supplies needed to make the chains. Cut the paper into strips, and then glue the two ends together to make a circle. The next strip would then be threaded through the first circle and would be glued together in a circle. Continue doing this until a chain of ideal length is made.

There are also snowflakes that can be made by cutting out snowflake patterns out of sheets of white paper. Doily angels are fun, but a little more complicated and therefore more suited to older children, although with some help even little children can participate. Use a doll’s head for the face, or make a face from cardboard, the results will be fantastic.

Nature as a handmade Christmas decoration

Look to nature to provide items for decorations. One of the most common objects is a pinecone. This can be found in either pine forests, or the local craft shop. Spray paint the cones different colors, the most common colors used are gold, silver, red and green. For the truly creative, roll the cone in glitter afterwards to make it really pop. String or ribbon can then be tied at the top if they are to be hung on the tree. To make a wreath, form a ring with greenery, such as holly then decorate the wreath with ribbons and small ornaments.

Food in handmade Christmas decorations

Popcorn is not only a good snack to eat; it can also be used as a handmade Christmas decoration. Threading popcorn onto thick thread creates a popcorn string. These can then be draped around the tree or hung from the ceiling. Popcorn can also be rolled into balls and decorated to make globes for the tree. One of the most traditional foodstuffs to go on a Christmas tree is gingerbread men. Just remember to make a small hole in the head for the string to go through before baking; otherwise, they will not be able to hang. Candy canes are also very popular as a decoration for Christmas trees.

Other decoration ideas

A unique idea to try is making handmade globes; these are very easy make and require balloons, liquid glue, the thinnest twine possible and water. Mix equal parts of water and glue together and saturate the twine. Blow up balloons and then crisscross the twine. Pop the balloons once the twine is dry. Pull the balloons out and what is left is a handmade twine globe.

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  1. Christmas Decorations Says:

    Making yoru own Christmas Decorations is, as you said, a fun thing to do especially if you can get the children involved.

  2. christmas creations Says:

    hand made gifts mean so much more to be because someone actually put their own time into it, and it just makes the gift alot more meaningful and appreaciative

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