Best High Tech Gadgets 2010

Looking for a high tech gadget for Christmas can be intimidating. There are numerous items out there to from which to choose.

Buying Christmas presents can be difficult. Finding the perfect gift for someone takes time and effort. There are a number of items that are available for purchase and some of the best high tech gadgets for 2010 might just make the perfect gift for a friend or family member.

Video Game Systems

Gaming systems are always a hot item around the holidays. You can choose from the three main video game systems available today. The Wii is very popular for families. It has made the gaming market friendlier towards every generation. People who normally do not play video games find the Wii fun and user friendly. For the serious gamer there is the new Xbox 360 250GB. This system offers everything a video game enthusiast could want. The PlayStation 3 with movie offers Blu-ray disc playing and games that any player would want. There are reports that PlayStation will be offering 3D upgrades for free.

Top 10 Electronic Gadgets

For people on your list who are music lovers, Ultimate Ears 350 will make a great gift. These headphones offer noise-isolation with extra bass tuned in. They are reasonably priced at $49.

The new television rage is 3D TV. The Sony Bravia 3D TV is perfect for any movie enthusiast. This television ranges in size from 46 inches to 60 inches and is equipped with Wi-Fi.

Logitech Revue or Google TV will allow you to connect your television to the internet. This will allow you to watch videos from Hulu and YouTube, or check your fantasy stats while still watching the game.

The 2011 Nissan Leaf is a gadget lover’s dream car. This car is electric with zero emissions and equipped with a USB port for all your favorite gadgets.

For all the Xbox 360 users, Microsoft Kinect is the perfect gift. This gadget allows video game players to play their games without a controller. It works by tracking your movement.

The iPad has hit the market with a storm. It is easy and fun to use and anyone would love to receive one under the Christmas tree. These will be hard to come by, so make sure to get yours quickly.

If there is a teen on your list, a great gadget is the T-Mobile G2. These phones are great for a starter Smartphone. They operate on the Android system and the speed is comparable to 4G phones.

For the photographer in your life the new Nikon COOLPIX S1100pj will be on their list. This camera is uniquely equipped with a projector allowing for fun impromptu slide shows.

Archos 101 offers an alternative to all the Apple products currently available. This is comparable to the Ipad, operating on the Android system.

Nintendo 3DS is expected to launch in time for the holiday season. There has been no official release day yet, but the system is coming soon. It would be a real surprise if it were not ready for sale before the holidays. This handheld gaming system promises to be the next big thing in electronics.

3 Comments about “Best High Tech Gadgets 2010”

  1. christmas creations Says:

    my father is looking into the 3d tv,s and i want to get it for him but its expensive…he’s worth it though

    plus i’ll get to watch it

  2. Giselle S Says:

    Two of my kids have cell phones on their lists-think this is a biggie for most teens (and tweens these days). I’m not ready to deal with the whole bill shock thing yet, so will most likely start them on Net10…they do have both basic phones (for my younger son) and your more feature filled qwerty. This way, I will contribute towards their minutes for the month (and these days prepaid isn’t that expensive anymore), but when they’re up, that’s it…unless they top up with more out of their own pocket.
    Personally, I’m hoping for the Nikon Coolpix…great camera, say no more! Hope Santa reads this! :)

  3. Peter Wolfe Says:

    Seriously a Nissan Leaffor the majority of us is far out of our range. HOwever, millionaires/billionaires buy these toys regardless of season. It would have been nice to have a price range with different sections though to go off of though. The tlevision as a group effort by the entire family or the older family like the father tohis sons new ffamily is possible though. I’m looking intoI Television or Google Television right now. It seems cool and perhaps affordable.

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