Let’s celebrate Christmas

It’s Christmas time once again! Every year, people look forward to this time of the year to connect with loved ones, bond with family and friends and then join in the unending festivities.

It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas
everywhere You Go
take A Look In The Five-And-Ten,
glistening Once Again
with Candy Canes And Silver Lanes Aglow.
It’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas,
toys In Every Store,
but The Prettiest Sight To See
is The Holly That Will Be
on Your Own Front Door.

The holiday

This is the holiday of all holidays. People anticipate the coming of the end of the year because of all the fun and festivities that Christmas can bring. Families reunite, enemies end feuds, friends create more memories. It’s Christmas time. It’s the time to go out and enjoy the beautiful life God has blessed us with.

Every person on the twelfth month of the year is out celebrating with the season. With all the activities planned for and all the feasts prepared, this is the season for joy and good will, a season that is perfect for holidaying with joyous cheers.

Holidaying during this time of the year can prove to be a handful but, in a good way. There are just too many attractions, too much fun, too much everything that there seems to be not enough time. Holidaying could mean partying all night for one person while for the others; it simply means having a wonderful meal with the family or enjoying the warmth of the fire with their significant other.

In the cities like the Big Apple, there are numerous places that everyone can certainly enjoy. Parties are everywhere and they never run out of activities for all of the people around them. Perfect dinner locations and beautiful displays, all these can be enjoyed with friends in numerous cities during Christmas.

In small towns, most people celebrate Christmas with the family. Everyone gathers at the table to share the bountiful meal that was prepared with love. The parents are busy preparing the gifts for the children while the children are busy with snow ball fights and building snow men. After the meal, everyone can gather at the living room, sharing stories and funny jokes. For the heartier group, they can even last all night long challenging each other with games from charades to sing along.

Thank God for the Holidays!

No matter how a person’s Christmas holidaying is spent, everyone should be thankful to God for this fantastic season. After twelve long moths of hard work, he wishes to give us a season when we could all relax and just enjoyed everything!

it’s Beginning To Look A Lot Like Christmas;
soon The Bells Will Start,
and The Thing That Will Make Them Ring Is
the Carol That You Sing
right Within Your Heart.

2 Comments about “Let’s celebrate Christmas”

  1. Grinch Says:

    I am really not a grinch, nor am i an athiast but to talk to me you may think i am, and here i sit trying to find out why i do not want christmas to come to my house this year. i do not want a tree or presents, nor do i want or need family hanging around. My lovely wife wonders what is my reasoning for this, the way i feel, and my son of 15 expects nothing cause i told him how i feel and now i think i may have passed this curse onto him.
    What is the meaning of christmas? Many people will respond with their own answers and the religious ones will come back with theirs, but for the most part i know that it is what you make of it. But how can you make something if you dont know what to make? or how? or why?
    Short of maybe being visited by 3 ghosts tonight who intend to change the way i feel, i don’t want this time of the year to happen. I’d much rather hibernate and let it pass.

  2. Benjamin Kline Says:

    Christmas is a relief from the stress and longevity of business during the year. The family gatherings, parties with friends, gift-giving, and decor pull those of us with type-A personalities out of our self-induced stupor of hyperactivity, and provide a real sense of connection for everyone to enjoy each others company, including those who lead a more passive lifestyle. It’s a chance to focus on ourselves again… An essential building block to healthy selves, families, and communities.

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