What to get a teen for Christmas?

Gift BasketsWhen selecting a Christmas gift for a teen, it’s best to keep things trendy, current and personalized.

Let’s face it, teenagers are different from the rest of us humans. Sometimes they can seem like an entirely new race. They seem to have their own language and their own sense of beauty. Sometimes they even seem to have unusually colored hair. So what to do when it’s time to choose a Christmas present for a teen? Well, it’s time to try and understand them.

Teens are at a special stage in their lives when they are very focused on external things. This means that what other teens consider cool is suddenly very important to them. Also, this is the time when they try to find out who they are and set themselves apart as individuals among the myriad personalities to be found in this world.

Because of all this, teenagers tend to like the newest novel electronic gadget. They also become very fond of items that establish their own identities, so personalized gift items can be a big hit with them.

Newfangled novelties

We live in an age when technology changes at the speed of light. What is the newest thing in the market can easily become outdated and obsolete in a year. New gadgets come out and are all the rage until some new feature is added and everyone just has to have the latest version.

Take for example the iPod. The classic white original only offered 5 gigabytes of memory, but the iPod soon found itself becoming smaller, having a greater memory capacity, being given a video feature and receiving a touch screen. The latest version even comes with a digital video camera. A product making a debut on gift websites is a karaoke mike that works in sync with an iPod for hours of singing fun.

Other cool gadgets are a virtual portable IMAX theater experience or the new Polaroid instant print digital camera.

Keep it personal

A great way to celebrate a teen’s individuality is to order items with his or her personality written all over them. Personalized M&M candies with the teen’s name and picture are a hit a parties. Keds sneakers can be personalized with the teen’s own artwork. Another cool idea would be to revisit the traditional gift of giving a portrait picture to someone, only now this can be done in a pop art style to keep things current.

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All in all, when it comes to selecting a Christmas gift for a teen, it’s best to keep things trendy, current and personalized. Appeal to their desire for individuality and nothing can go wrong.

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