Silver Bells, Wedding Bells

Christmas GiftsTo all those who have met the man or woman of their dreams and ready to take the next step, Christmas set a perfect timeIt’s a time of cheer, love and blankets of beautiful white snow.  However, there are a few things that couples may want to be aware of as they start shopping for wedding gowns and tuxes.

God is in the Details

Wedding Timing

Lest we forget, Christmas is in the winter…in the snow…and ice. All ladies and gentlemen are recommended to take heed of the type of shoes they are going to wear.  It’s not asked to do something completely left-of-centre like wearing snow boots.  It’s just that one must find a shoe that has a great grip and you don’t mind getting a wee bit soggy.  Be aware that it will be warmer in the mid-day than in the morning or evening.  If you intend on consummating your Christmas marriage at home, don’t neglect to keep yourself warm.

Wedding Location

Of course, it’s not snowing everywhere.  One may certainly like the idea of taking his Christmas wedding to a beach in Oahu, Hawaii.  The sun sets like a DaVinci painting.  The weather is perfect, usually around the low to mid-80s in December, keeping you and that special someone warm for the holidays.

Fancy an international holiday wedding?  Athens, Greece provides lovely holiday weather.  Rich in culture and natural beauty, Madrid gives you a transatlantic marvel, staying at a respectable 65° come Christmastime.

Cakes, Dresses, and Bridesmaids

It’s not just holiday weddings that can get hectic; however, as with most things around Christmas, it can get a bit hairy when ironing out the details.  It can be in the best interest to hire a wedding planner who can handle the holiday horde as the big day rolls round.  The most important thing to keep in mind when planning Christmas nuptials is the budget.  Yes, it may seem a trite thing to remember, but one must be reasonable.  Prices inflate the closer to Christmas it gets.

Remember…It’s a Wedding

One must be ready to think quickly, it’s the marriage after all!  It’s the most important day of one’s life and one that he’s sure to never forget as long as he shall live.  Though all these details can be a bit of hassle as the event gets closer, one couldn’t have picked a more lovely time of year to consecrate his/her love.

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