Christmas Quiz

Tests your knowledge of the holiday season with this Christmas Quiz.

Question 1

What is the number of countries that celebrates Christmas?

    A) Around 100 countries
    B) Around 160 countries
    C) Around 120 countries
    D) Around 30 countries

Question 2

What year was Christmas made an official holiday in the United States?

    A) In the year 1840
    B) In the year 1905
    C) In the Year 1870
    D) In the Year 1799

Question 3

What country did the tradition of putting a decorated Christmas tree in your home come from?

    A) From England
    B) From the United States
    C) From France
    D) From Germany


When social scientists studied the letters that have been written to Santa, girls are more likely to…

    A) Ask for others to receive gifts.
    B) Write their letters neatly and with correct spellings.
    C) Not ask for any gifts.
    D) Inquire about Rudolph the Reindeer and Mrs. Claus.

Question 5

What century was the year that Christmas was recognized as the birth of Jesus?

    A) It was recognized in the 1st Century.
    B) It was recognized in the 4th Century.
    C) It was recognized in the 13th Century.
    D) It was recognized in the 15th Century.

Question 6

Is it true that an American tradition is hanging a stocking on Christmas Eve for Santa to fill.

    A) Yes, this is an American Tradition.
    B) No, this tradition was started by another country.

Question 7

When did the concept of the Christmas club come about to help people to place money in a savings
account regularly to go towards Christmas shopping?

    A) The Christmas Club started in 1930
    B) The Christmas Club started in 1950
    C) The Christmas Club started in 1905
    D) The Christmas Club started in 1865

Question 8

The Ukrainians can not start their Christmas feast which consists of 12 dishes. The meal can not begin
until this happens.

    A) Until the clock strikes midnight
    B) Until the youngest child present can see the very first star of the evening
    C) An eight legged spider is seem crawling on the wall
    D) A pray is said by everyone present

Question 9

What state grows the most Christmas trees in the US?

    A) The most Christmas trees are grown in Oregon
    B) The most Christmas trees are grown in California
    C) The most Christmas trees are grown in Wyoming
    D) The most Christmas trees are grown in New York

Question 10

Is it true that Christmas trees cannot be eaten?

    A) No, you can not eat a Christmas Tree.
    B) Yes, you can eat a Christmas Tree.

Question 11

How many candy canes are made during the Christmas season?

    A) There are 100 million candy canes produced
    B) There are 1.5 billion candy canes produced
    C) There are 10 billion candy canes produced
    D) There are 50 billion candy canes produced

Question 12

Where is tiny island Kiritimati (Christmas Island) located?

    A) In the Gulf of Mexico
    B) In the Atlantic Ocean
    C) In the Indian Ocean
    D) In the Mediterranean Sea

Question 13

What is the reason for hiding the household brooms in Norway on Christmas Eve after finishing their
feast and opening presents?

    A) To keep the guest from helping with the clean up
    B) In years past it was thought that witches and spirits would steal the brooms and ride around on the through the cities.
    C) Santa might toss the broom in his sled to use it to clean the North Pole
    D) No one is really sure exactly why this is done, it’s just tradition.

Question 14

What did John Lennon’s hand drawn Christmas card sell for in London at Christie’s in 2000?

    A) The card sold for $2,600
    B) The card sold for $9,500
    C) The card sold for $8,700
    D) The card sold for $13,000

Question 15

Electric Christmas tree lights became universal throughout the United States, in what year?

    A) It become universal in 1900
    B) It become universal in the 1940’s
    C) It become universal in the 1960’s
    D) It become universal in the 1970’s

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Answers to the Christmas Quiz:

1) B
2) C
3) D
4) A
5) B
6) A
7) C
8) B
9) A
10) A
11) B
12) C
13) B
14) C
15) C

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