Christmas Dinner

Instead of the same turkey and ham dinner for Christmas, why not try something different and flavorful? Here are a few suggestions.

Christmas dinner is one of those meals that the entire family looks forward to every year - at least everyone except the cook who has probably already spent the season running around Christmas shopping and decorating the house. Many people enjoy a traditional ham or turkey dinner for Christmas, but if you are looking for a way to perk up this years Christmas dinner and offer your family more than the same fare year in and year out, then its time to jump off the standard turkey and ham train and try some of the suggestions we have collected here. These ideas for your Christmas dinner will definitely have your mouth watering and give you a new perspective on the season.

Pork Loin Roast

Available for under $25, these nice roasts are lean in fat and provide you with a different taste for season. You can stuff the pork roast with anything you wish although one suggestion we found was done with a variety of dried fruit, such as apricots, peaches, pears, apples, or even prunes. Add a little of cranberries and garlic to the roast and slowly cook it at 250 degrees, turning the temperature up to 400 degrees for the last 15 to 20 minutes to get a nicely flavored crust. The dried fruit will turn to a jelly glaze as it cooks and this will help keep your pork loin roast nice and juicy. Since it is also traditional to eat pork on New Years, this is a great way to get away from spareribs for your first meal of the new year.

Christmas Sides

What you serve with your pork loin roast is really up to you and you can opt for traditional dishes such as stuffing and sweet potatoes or go with something a little more exotic like roasted onions and a vegetable that you normally wouldn’t serve on a daily basis. Additionally, there is nothing wrong with serving something like buttered noodles, macaroni and cheese, or even potato salad with your Christmas meal. The trick to a great Christmas meal presentation is to offer something everyone will enjoy.

Christmas Desserts

Desserts can be light and festive like a colorful fruit salad or even a homemade trifle, or it can be traditional with pies that delight everyone, such as apple and mincemeat.

Christmas Vegetarian dishes

If you have a vegetarian in the family, consider offering up one of these dishes for them so that they can still enjoy Christmas dinner with the family without feeling uncomfortable: cabbage rolls; eggplant gratin; lasagna; moussaka; vegetable pot pit; ratatouille; spanalopita; vegetable gratin; veggie loaf; or winter squash risotto.

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