Christmas Celebrations in the USA

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While some Christmas celebrations in the USA are pretty standard throughout the entire country, there are some that are unique and also very fun to partake in.

America is a country that is made up of all nationalities, cultures, and religions. It is no more apparent how each of these things has influenced this nation as it is when you consider the Christmas celebrations across the country. There are Christmas trees from Germany, Santa Claus from Scandinavia, carols from England and Australia, and parades that could be traced back to the days of Ancient Rome and the many celebratory processions that they used to partake in. And, of course, Christmas dinner in one form or another come from every nation that makes up America.

Each geographical area of America also has their own celebrations that help them celebrate Christmas. For example, the American Indians hold religious dances during this time of year that coincide with the winter solstice. This tradition and the celebration of Christmas in more traditional manners have been woven together for a unique experience in San Felipe Pueblo just south of Santa Fe.

Across the United States in the area known as the Appalachian Mountains, the song ‘The Twelve Days of Christmas’ was written. It was originally a counting song believed to be based on some form of pagan rite, although no one seems to remember what the song signified or how it was used. Instead, it is now one of the most popular Christmas carols that are sung throughout the world. In Hawaii, ‘menehunes’ – little people who supposedly inhabited the islands before the Polynesians arrived – are displayed in store windows and shops as Santa’s helpers with lights strung through the state’s palm trees.

But Christmas celebrations aren’t limited to geographical areas of America. Christmas celebrations also encompass all of the individual celebrations each family in the United States calls their own. Whether it is sitting around the Christmas tree winging songs or having a Christmas party complete with Santa hats for all gifts, Christmas celebrations are as unique as the people who partake in them.

One of the most delightful traditions surrounding Christmas that is no limited to just the United States is the leaving of cookies and a drink for good old Saint Nick when he delivers toys on Christmas Eve. Some celebrations include leaving some carrots and oat for the reindeer as well and each part of the world offers the jolly man something tasty and unique to their own culture. Santa Claus has a well rounded appetite for cookies, one that he will never lose any time soon.

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