How to wrap Christmas presents

Personalization MallChristmas wrapping paper is getting more and more expensive. Here are some tricks to wrapping your presents on a tight budget.

Christmas wrapping paper comes in two styles: large rolls that cost around $10 or small rolls that cost around $1. Every Christmas you find yourself caught in a nasty Catch-22. Do I buy the large roll or the small one because it’s cheaper? Is there enough on the small roll to wrap by kid’s large box? Big roll? Little roll? Help!

While the amount of wrapping paper on the cheap tube is sometimes a lot less than what you need or the quality isn’t really that good, many people hate the thought of spending inordinate amounts of money on wrapping paper that is going to be taped to a present one time and shred within five seconds.

Yes, the presents are beautiful under the tree leading up to Christmas day, but if you working on a really tight budget – as many people are during this time of economic crisis – you could save yourself some money each holiday season and become a creative in your Christmas package wrapping.

Here are few ideas for you to use when trying to save some money on your Christmas wrapping paper.

  1. Start on December 26th and save all of the Sunday comics out of your local newspaper. Wrapping gifts in comics gives your Christmas a nostalgic touch that your parents and grandparents will remember and it is a way of recycling your newspapers.
  2. Throughout the year you will probably receive gifts in decorative gift bags with tissue paper. Save the bags and if they are, decorate with them Christmas stickers and use them to give your gifts.
  3. Wrap your gifts with the tissue paper and add Christmas stickers and bows to them to decorate them and make them festive.
  4. If you have small children in the house, take brown paper bags and turn them inside out so that the side with no writing is visible. Use Christmas stampers and ink or make a stamp out of a potato and use tempura paints to create your own wrapping paper.
  5. Print off festive paper from the computer on standard size paper to wrap smaller gifts with.
  6. Use plain silver tin foil decorated with stickers and bows.

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No matter how you decide to wrap your Christmas gifts, the gift itself is what will be cherished for years to come. Handmade wrapping paper will also be appreciated, but how the gift is wrapped is not important as how the gift is given to the other person.

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  1. personalized holiday gifts Says:

    Wrapping your christmas presents with decorative items can make great personalized gifts.

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