How to purchase stationery as a gift

Personalization MallIt is an excellent idea to purchase stationery as a gift for someone who, in this day and age of electronic messaging and e-mails, likes to write letters the old fashioned way i.e. on paper.

For the real connoisseurs of the art of letter writing, the craving for paper products to communicate and express themselves is insatiable. If you customize the paper, you will have added elegance to your present. Here are some ideas to keep in mind when buying stationery as a gift.

A few suggestions

  • First and foremost, go to the stationery shops around your neighborhood and take a look at the kind of products they have in stock. Do not make up your mind in a hurry. You could also check the internet for stores that sell stationery online.
  • Select a product that you feel will be attractive to the recipient both visually and otherwise. Most stationery comes with letters that have matching envelopes in themes and designs that cater to a wide variety of tastes.
  • Select a color and theme that you think matches the recipient’s tastes. Ask the store what their policy is for customizing the paper, you might select a monogram already in stock or design one of your own.
  • Buy at least a minimum of 25 sheets but a really thoughtful number would be 52 sheets, one for each week of the year. You could also add a few assorted greeting cards to go with the stationery.

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  • Stick a stamp on each envelope as an extra special touch, it will be appreciated.
  • Add a fancy pen to the gift before you finally wrap it up.


  • Avoid dark colors as the writing on them is not clear.
  • Do not make up your mind in a hurry. Check the online prices and their policy for personal customization before making the final selection.

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