Inexpensive Christmas gifts

Giving gifts to friends and family should give as much pleasure to the giver as it does to the recipient.

At the same time giving gifts to your loved ones should not be allowed to become a financial burden but should remain a treasured gesture that is received in the same spirit that it is given. Anything that you present with true Christmas spirit will be priceless and be appreciated. Here are some unusual and inexpensive gift ideas for you and yours.

Some unusual gift ideas

  • Instead of buying a gift basket put together an inexpensive but a personalized one for very little money. High end gift baskets can cost as much as $200. So it is very required that you decide how much you want to spend before committing yourself.
  • You can get together a gift basket for the fraction of the market cost if you assemble one yourself. Buy items in sets and divide them among different baskets. For example buy a four-pack of nail polish for four ladies baskets or buy packs of whistles or other party favors for the kids. Buy the baskets at garage sales or at dollar stores.
  • Personalize the gift basket by attaching a hand made card to the basket and adding a hand made gift to it. It may be a small thing like a hand embroidered handkerchief or home made cookies.
  • A gift need not be very expensive to be appreciated. It can be as simple as a handful of tea bags in a tea cup tied with an attractive ribbon.
  • A gift like a beautiful Burberry Cashmere Scarf will delight anyone.

Another means of getting around the problem of buying expensive gifts is to buy them really early.

To start with, make a list of all your recipients and the budget you have and then scrounge the market for items you wish to buy. You would need to search the stores much earlier than Christmas so that you are able to buy your gifts at discounted prices.

3 Comments about “Inexpensive Christmas gifts”

  1. John Pike Says:

    This is very important point. Especially in the crisis, everybody wants to going budget with the gifts but yet to deliver ever more pleasure to his/her friends and beloved as they need it more than in average year.

  2. 411 Webmaster Says:

    That burberry scarf that you have as an advertisement is so popular. Even that particular color. I saw a bunch of those while in New York during Thanksgiving.

  3. Rivers H Says:

    an inexpensive christmas gift for your kids is an mp3 may get them any where from walmart to best buy. they vary from $15 to $200.dont get the apple ipods.the mp3 is does the same thing as the apple ipod .your kids might care when they first get it but after a while they will be greatful for what they have. :) hope i helped alittle bit.

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