Christmas on a budget

Personalized Christmas GiftsYou can pull a great Christmas together on a shoestring budget. All it takes is a little honest will power and ingenuity.

Christmas doesn’t have to be boring and plain old crappy simply because you don’t have hundreds of dollars to spend on the latest gadgets and gizmos. No one needs $200 sneakers or the latest in high-tech gadgetry for their cars or game systems when you’re trying to make sure everyone has a gift on a tight budget. Here are a few ideas that can help you make the holidays brighter and more fun, enhancing the spirit of giving, and simply taking in the warmth of your recipient’s smiles and joy upon receiving.

Baked Goods and Food

If you have children then making gifts of baked goods and food goodies are a great way to have a gift for people on your Christmas list without needing to break into the savings account. A few pounds of flour, sugar, sprinkles, vanilla and more go a long way and you could easily whip up a few dozen cookies that your children can have decorating. Additionally, you could make up mugs of hot chocolate, tea, or small coffee packs in nice ceramic mugs, wrap them with the cookies and have a great homemade gift from the heart.

Handmade Gifts

You don’t have to sew, knit, crochet, or be a cross stitch whiz to make a handmade Christmas gift. If you need gifts for family members, have your children make hand or footprint items on t-shirts or in clay that will harden as mementos with the year the gift was given. Create a special photo album as a gift, or, if you are crafty, make a great homemade gift that will remind friends and family of you whenever they wear them. Great gifts: no sew fleece blankets that are easy to make and the kids can help out with.

Family gift certificates

Whip these up on the computer or write them out by hand, but whatever you do, make them fun. Sometimes you can’t always get the things you want, so make up family gift certificate packs that can be honored after Christmas when things aren’t quite so hectic and money’s not quite so tight. They are perfect gifts for all ages and fun to not only cash in, but also honor, and they can be for anything your imagination can come up with.

No matter how tight your money is, you can give your family and friends an enjoyable Christmas. Just remember to make each gift from the heart no matter how big or small. Christmas should not be about money and price tags. It should be about the joy and love of life, family, and friends.

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