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Gift BasketsAsk the average person his most cherished memories of Christmas and the chances are that he would mention something about a sumptuous dinner or lunch with the most important people in his life. That is how this holiday goes - it can never go without the feasting.

Christmas is the time for sharing - time, fun, laughter, and food and drinks.

As you go through your Christmas shopping list this year, make sure that you include food. You can never go wrong with food - especially if you go for the really good stuff. One great idea is to put together special kinds of food and drinks and then place them in a basket. And then, voila, you have a classy and elegant gift item for Christmas!

When the word gourmet is mentioned, it is inevitable that people will think of French cuisine and wine, Italian cuisine, and the like. The same thing goes with gourmet food baskets. Take your pick of the finest and tastiest French, Italian, and Mediterranean cuisine and place them in your gourmet Christmas basket. No doubt about it, the intended recipient will appreciate the gift!

So what specific things can you place in a gourmet food basket? It really depends on your theme. If you are going for something French, then get French wine and cheese. If you prefer Italian, then get Italian wine, biscotti (yum!), and other Italian specialties. The same thing goes for most any other theme that you pick. If you are feeling more adventurous, then why don’t you mix an array of different types of gourmet food? Toss in something French, something Russian, something Italian - name it and you can place it in your gourmet basket! The idea is to personalize your gourmet gift basket to suit your recipient’s tastes and preferences.

If you do not have the time to create your own gourmet gift baskets this Christmas, do not fret. You can still give such gifts by purchasing ready made ones. Check out your local specialty food shops, supermarkets, wine and liquor stores, and the like. The chances are that they have their own gourmet baskets for sale this Christmas. Better yet, go online and search for ready made gourmet gift baskets. www.pro-gift-baskets.com is one site that gives many options for those on the go. They offer gourmet gift baskets in different sizes to suit different needs and preferences.

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