Christmas Gift Ideas: Wooden Gifts

Here are some great wooden gifts you can give your friends and loved ones this Christmas.

Year in and year out, countless people all over the world look forward to the Christmas season. Every time the season approaches, people go far and wide to look for the perfect gifts for their friends and loved ones. The norm is to go on a shopping spree - visit different shopping malls, flea markets, and online stores to find the perfect gift for each person on the gift list.

With only a little over than a month before Christmas, some people may not have finished their shopping list yet. It seems that no matter how much preparation people make, sometimes, they just get stuck on a few things.

Why not consider some unique gifts this Christmas? Here are some unique wooden gifts you can give your family and friends this Christmas.

Wooden Picture Frame

You have two options here - find a nice high quality wooden frame from a store or make one yourself. Either way would work well, as long as you get a design that would suit your intended recipient’s preferences. Here’s what you need to top off your gift - find a picture that holds the most cherished memory. Your friend or loved one will certainly treasure this gift.

To make it even more unique, try this: get a nice block of wood that is only a bit larger than the picture you want to give away. Smooth it down and then stain it to the hue you want. Once dry, spread clear sealant evenly on the surface and then place your picture on top of it - making sure there are no air pockets underneath. Press the picture firmly and let dry.

Wooden Ornaments

Again, you can opt to buy wooden ornaments - there is no lack for them. They have a particularly unique wooden Christmas Lovespoon. You can even find wood carvings from Africa. There is just so much to choose from!

On the other hand, you may want to create your own ornaments. This would be cheaper and could add more character and meaning to your gift. The way to go would be to go to your local craft store and buy small light pieces of wood and work with them.

These are only some of the wood gifts you can give your friends and family this Christmas. The potential is endless - the only limit is your imagination.

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