How to purchase sunglasses as a gift

SunshadesTo purchase sunglasses as a gift for someone you care is usually a fool proof idea.

Most people like to possess more than one pair of glasses especially if you know what to buy and for whom. Not only do sunglasses make a cool fashion statement, they also help us avoid headaches and migraines. That they are vital to good eye health is just incidental. There is much more to a good pair of sunglasses than just looks.

Here is some information to help you get the best quality pair for your money, whether you’re shopping in a traditional store, through a catalog or online.

A few suggestions

  • First and foremost decide what your priorities are - durability or style or both. Style will of course depend on the size and shape of the person’s face (for whom you are planning to buy the gift).
  • Another thing to keep in mind is that glass lenses offer better optics and are more scratch-resistant while plastic lenses are more shatterproof. Nylon or composite frames offer durability while wire-core temples offer snug and form-fitting adjustability
  • An absolute must is to ensure that the lens filters out 100 percent OVA and UVB rays and about 75 to 90 % of all other harmful rays.
  • Finally check the glasses for weight and balance, a good pair will weigh nothing but still feel sturdy and will balance well on the nose.


  • Go for a brand name only if price is not an issue; otherwise the aforementioned points are enough to get you a good pair of glasses.


  • Don’t forget to include the receipt for the sunglasses in case the recipient does not like the style and wants an exchange.

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