How to buy a Jigsaw Puzzle as a gift

Jigsaw PuzzleTo buy a jigsaw puzzle for an enthusiast makes excellent sense because it is a gift not only for her/ him but for the whole family and can be regarded as a favorite group pastime.

Jigsaw puzzles are quite addictive and if a person is hooked on to solving jigsaw puzzles as a hobby he/ she will welcome the chance to crack one more. They may also be regarded as brain teasers and also make wonderful gifts for small children to gauge their IQ as well as their mental skills. Here is some information to help you choose a jigsaw puzzle either for a beginner or for an enthusiast.

A few suggestions

  • Find out the level of expertise of the proposed recipient of the jigsaw puzzle. If he/ she has just been introduced to them then you must give them beginner level puzzles or else they will find it too difficult and lose interest before really getting to know them. Then again if a middle level player is presented with a beginner level game he/ she would not find it stimulating enough and be bored.
  • Next, fix a budget. Since prices of different jigsaws can vary considerably, the cost of a particular puzzle can become an important issue for its selection.
  • Find out exactly what the recipient is interested in. There are the brain teasers for the truly devoted puzzle crackers or there are the collectibles for those enthusiasts who are interested in collecting antique wooden and cardboard pieces, especially if they are complete.
  • Do not make up your mind in a hurry. Check the traditional stores and the net for the best bargains. Compare the prices as well as the products at both places before making the final decision.


  • One excellent idea is to have a family photograph of the recipient made into a jigsaw puzzle (many traditional and online stores will do it for a small fee) to be given as a gift.


  • Do not give the world’s most difficult puzzle (as many claim to be) to the recipient if you are not sure of their level of expertise.

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