How to buy earrings as a gift

To purchase earrings as gifts for fashion conscious women is an excellent idea because earrings have remained in the forefront of fashion from time immemorial.

Rarely does any other jewelry item make as much of an impact as a pair of earrings. Earrings have the exceptional quality of making a woman feel all dressed up and complete even when wearing simple attire. Here are some recommendations that you can use for buying earrings as a gift.

A few suggestions

  • First and foremost, determine the kind of jewelry that the recipient is partial to. Does she only wear gold? Or, does she have the flair to try different metals and materials? An older person is more likely to prefer traditional gold than a younger one who may like to possess earrings made of different metals like silver, platinum, and even steel.
  • Next find out the style the recipient is more likely to appreciate - simple vs sophisticated/ ornate. Again the personal style of the lady should give you an inkling of the kind of jewelry that would be more readily accepted.
  • Because earrings are worn so close to the face they have the ability to brighten a woman’s complexion, pick out the colors in the dress and even draw attention to her eyes. Take all these factors into consideration when making the final choice.
  • You should also consider the shape of the person’s face, its size and the style of her hair before you finally select the earrings.


  • You could include a small jewelry box or some such item as an extra touch.


  • Do not send earrings which need ears to be pierced to a person who does not have their ears pierced. Send them ones that can be clipped on.
  • Do not overshoot the price range.

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