How to buy a toiletry bag for a gift

To purchase a toiletry bag for a gift you need to keep a few basic things in mind. Toiletry bags make great gifts for people on the go.

Nowadays the range of such bags has burgeoned beyond imagination, although you can still find the basic bags that remind you of army issues. Bags nowadays have hooks on one end so that you can hang them up and roll them down for easy access, they come with antibacterial lining, they are small so that only small traveling kit bottles can fit into them or they are large to enable them to hold large tubes and bottles. Here are some handy hints to zero in on the correct bag for the person who needs it.

A few suggestions

  • First of all determine whom you want to buy the gift for. Men require entirely different kind of toiletry bags than women. If you are buying the bag for a man you need to go in for straight and simple lines, a neutral color and a smaller size. Women on the other hand carry many things in their toilet kit so they require a bigger bag,
  • The size will also depend upon what you have in mind. Do you want the bag for small travel kit bottles or large jars of lotions and creams.
  • You also need to decide if you want to buy a slim bag with a hanging strap or a large expandable toilet kit which stands upright.
  • Finally, choose the color and the fabric of the bag depending upon the taste of the person receiving the gift. Men will generally prefer black leather, no nonsense bags while women might like soft leather or any other soft material in various colors.


  • Make sure that the bag has a lining especially if it has a mirror.
  • Fill the bag with the recipient’s favorite toiletries before giving it to her/ him.


  • Do not buy a bag for a person who has strong personal tastes unless and until you are sure of their taste.

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