How to purchase golf clubs as a gift

To purchase golf clubs as a gift is an excellent idea provided you have the funds to buy the whole set because they can be quite expensive.

Of course you need not buy the whole set, just one iron, may be just the one that was missing from the set to complete it or one that your intended recipient was on the lookout for. Actually there are so many little details that need to be considered when buying a set of golf clubs to give someone that you would be better advised to present them with a gift certificate instead. In case you have set your mind on getting the golf set, here are a few things that you should keep in mind when buying one.

A few suggestions

  • First and foremost, seriously reconsider your decision to buy golf clubs as a gift because it is extremely difficult to find a set of golf clubs that are perfect for another person. Instead think about giving a gift certificate, it is much safer.
  • If you have quite made up your mind, then find a set of golf clubs that are a perfect match for the recipient’s level of play. You should know the person’s length and flex and get a proper fit.
  • A typical set of golfing clubs consists of three woods, eight irons and a putter, a total of twelve clubs. Since the rules of golf allow a person to carry fourteen clubs in their bag many golfers add another iron or a specialty wood to their set.
  • Before finally committing yourself, make it clear to the store that you might need to exchange or return the set and buy it only if they agree.
  • Do not make up your mind in a hurry. Go to a store that has a large variety of stock and also check on the net to find the comparative prices. If possible take the recipient with you so that they can check the clubs and irons themselves before buying.


  • If you buy the set online then do not forget to include the shipping and handling costs to the cost of the set itself.


  • Do not buy a right handed person’s set for a south paw person. You can order special sets for left handed people in stores or online.

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