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Greek Baklava Cake

This Greek desert will make your mouth water. More of a sweet, the Mema’s Baklava is a favorite for Christmas. Read more »

Go Organic This Christmas

Organic ColorsAs we feel the effects of the degradation of our environment more and more, people are beginning to realize that we all need to do our part in saving it. As we enter the Christmas season, it would be a good idea to go organic. Read more »

Last minute Christmas cooking

Christmas PudChristmas time can get a bit too hectic for those people who have left things a bit too late especially their cooking. At times we all get caught on the wrong foot; the secret lies in not letting it affect our reasoning and quick thinking. Read more »

Best Christmas cookies

Christmas Dutch PastryChristmas Cookies, especially freshly baked homemade cookies are as much a part of Christmas as the Christmas tree or Christmas pudding. Traditionally, cookies were quite simple affairs, because until about fifty or so years ago, white sugar and white flour were kept aside only for guests. Most families had some special cookie recipes that were dug out at Christmas time. Read more »

Special Christmas cookies

Chocolate goodiesMake your friends and family feel special this year when you serve freshly baked Christmas cookies and other delectable treats made right at home. The best memories come from the good times in life. Our fondest childhood memories generally are of visits to our Grandparents’ house at Christmas time, more specifically Grandma’s cookie table piled high with dozens of different varieties. Read more »

Christmas cake recipe

Christmas Cake with Love It is not a very well known fact that the Christmas cake started out as porridge. Over time the recipe was infused with the finest of ingredients and honed to perfection and became a connoisseur’s delight. Read more »

Christmas drink recipes

Christmas DrinkEating and drinking are the key elements of any Christmas gathering with various types of cocktails and mocktails forming the basis of most meals. So if you are planning on having a house full of guests during Christmas, make sure that you have a bartender’s guide on your bed side table. Read more »

Vegetarian Christmas Recipes

Vegetarian Christmas RecipesChristmas is the season of cooking and eating lots of varied and interesting food. It is also the season of putting on extra weight that most people can ill afford to. One wholesome option for all health conscious people is a vegetarian Christmas menu which helps one feel satisfied without feeling stuffed. Read more »

Recipe for Christmas Candies

Christmas candiesChristmas candies are a favorite with both adults and children alike and a plate of assorted candies gets more appreciation than any other gourmet food. Read more »

Christmas recipes

Christmas recipes - biscuits Christmas is that magical time of the year when you spend days choosing thoughtful gifts for friends and family and hours creating the perfect dinner. Exchanging Christmas gifts with your loved ones and eating mouth-watering Christmas recipes are the two major attractions of the holiday season. Read more »