Find the Right Christmas Gift for your Dad

Christmas is the time for you to remember all that and give him a gift that symbolizes your gratitude for all the happiness and security that your dad gave you.
As a child you might have hero-worshipped your father. He was the breadwinner who made your life secure, and he was the person whom you wanted to emulate. He might have taught you swimming, might have taken you trekking, and might have driven you to music classes or sports practice. He was there, rock-like, extending his hand to steady you, whenever you found the path slippery or your steps unsteady.

Every dad is different because each person’s hobbies and attitudes and interests and viewpoints are different. As a son, you know these shades of preferences without being told, and you can make them the basis for selecting a gift for him. At the same time, you should also remember that most people, especially most men, like novelty. So try to gift him something that he would enjoy but had not so far possessed or experienced.

If your father is an adventure-loving person, you can consider giving him one-day experiences of riding in a hot-air balloon, being a fighter pilot, or being a race car driver. If he is healthy enough and interested, you can gift him an opportunity to scuba dive or trek or skate or take golf lessons. There are also excellent holiday packages to exotic locations that you can give your dad.

If your dad is a collector, that will make gift selection easy for you. For example, if he is a philatelist, gift him a packet of postage stamps from different countries. Stamps are not easy to come by these days since snail mail is gradually moving towards extinction. But that will make that gift all the more precious. There are small countries like Bhutan which have beautiful 3D stamps that are precious collectors’ items. Matchboxes, greeting cards, antiques, dried flowers, feathers, and many other items are collectors’ treasures. It will be ideal if you can personalize the collectible you are gifting your dad.
Based upon his interests and predilections, you can design a theme-based gift for him. If your father likes fishing, consider giving him a combination of things like a tackle box, knife sharpener, and equipment to store his catch. If your father loves to bake, give him baking pans plus tools for easy whipping, kneading, blending etc. There are many do-it-yourself projects like making chairs, windows, hammocks, and other home decorations, which will be ideal gifts for those who like to work with their hands. For those interested in sports or art, ticket for a sports event or an art event will make an excellent gift.

If your dad is a gourmet, arrange for a delivery of gourmet snacks or cakes or wines regularly for a few weeks or a few months or a whole year, depending upon your budget. For movie-lovers you can give DVDs of good movies, or movie tickets for a couple of good movies. Gift a club membership to a father who is bound to enjoy it.

The key to selecting the best gift for your dad is knowing his need. Gift him something that he will be able to utilize well. Some people are not very vocal and so may not disclose their needs. But you should be able to sense it and make a gift that will fully fit into that need and warm the cockles of his heart.

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