Most Expensive Christmas Gifts

Posh gift items are not only limited to jewelry and cars. Food, drinks and even gift cards as gifts can also elevate to the status of classy.

Unlike some of us, the rich buy the most expensive gifts for Christmas. They probably ask themselves where all of their money should be spent around holiday time every year.

Decorate Your Home in Style

For those who spread the Christmas cheer with a big budget, an expensive Christmas ornament is perfect for any home. Hallmark Jewelers have released what is considered as the world’s most expensive Christmas ornament. Designed by Mark Hussey, three of the 500 diamonds are one carat each arranged in a pretty snowflake pattern. The ornament has two halves, both cast in London’s Hatton Garden Jewellery Quarter. The ornament was crafted beginning Boxing Day of 2008 and took a year to complete. The pricey item costs £82,000 that is over US $136,000!

High-end Treats

Do not plan to give away just any Christmas basket when one can be purchased from the UK-based department store chain of Marks and Spencer. Marks and Spencer is known to offer extravagant gift-baskets filled with a selection of high-end gourmet snacks, bottles of fine wine, and bottles of the most exquisite champagne. Available is the Christmas Magnificence Hamper, which can cost you £499 that is around a thousand US Dollars.

The type that likes to give away delicious treats may want to buy a cheesecake from the prestigious Saks Fifth Avenue in New York. Their “Festive Two-Stack Cheesecake” by Elegant Cheesecakes is designed to look like, what else, two gift boxes stacked on top of each other. The chocolate decadence cake at the bottom is made with butter cream frosting, while the triple-mocha cheesecake on a shortbread crust on top has a filigreed chocolate shell. It weighs around ten pounds and costs $300, not including delivery charges.

Expensive Gifts for Men

Luxury items are not just for women. In fact, one of the most expensive perfumes is for men this Christmas. Clive Christian No. 1 is a perfume for men that can cost $650. Probably what makes a bottle so expensive is that it contains rare ingredients such as ylang ylang, Sicilian mandarin, heart of Lily of the Valley. The six-month wait for the perfume’s rare components to crystallize is also a factor in why a bottle is so expensive. No longer available however is the $2,350 edition of this perfume, which is bottled in a hand-made crystal bottle and has a white diamond in a gold collar sitting on top of it.

If the man in question is into collecting, there are the expensive Lego sets available for this Christmas. FAO Schwartz sold the most expensive set in the world. The Lego replica of Batman was over 500 lb and was six feet tall. Artist Nathan Sawaya can also make personalized Lego replicas, but they come with a price. A personalized Lego model can cost around $60,000.

A Gift Card…for $5M?

Anyone who does not know just what to get, for the avid flier, can just give away a gift card. However, of course, not just any gift card, give away a five million dollar gift card from Halcon Jets. This special gift card can be used for private charter aircraft services on demand.

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