The iPad

Will the iPad be the favorite Christmas gift this year? The iPad can be a gift for kids and adults and big iPad news is quickly making the iPad even more popular.

The iPad is rising as the hottest gift to give and receive this Christmas. This year, Apple may have more surprises for the holiday season. Surely, the iPad is going to really shake things up with holiday shoppers.

The iPad: Possibly This Year’s Most Popular Gift

The iPad has grown more popular since selling over 30 million devices in only 80 days since its release April 2010. It is predicted to be the number one gift item for the holiday season. Tagged as a multi-media tablet, the iPad’s success can probably be attributed to its many functions. It can serve as a laptop, a music player, a movie player; a video game console and an e-reader, all of these functions are in one small device. The iPad is 9.7 inches long and weighs around 1.5 pounds. It possesses an intuitive interface and a ten-hour battery life.

The iPad as a Christmas Gift for Kids

An iPad may be a good gift idea for kids this Christmas. Versus the iPhone, the iPad has a wider surface, good for kids to use drawing apps. Several kids can also gather around the device and parents can play children’s songs and educational films or clips for them. The iPad is also lightweight, good for carrying around to keep children entertained. Parents only have to remember to watch out for their children in case they break the iPad by dropping it or sitting on it.

Big News for the iPad

Big news regarding the iPad is currently circulating, making the device even more anticipated for the holidays. AppleInsider has reported the possible release of a model that will support FaceTime video chat. The new version is said to have a built-in camera and will enable users to go through video conferencing. In June, Steve Jobs hinted that Apple would ship “tens of millions of FaceTime devices” this year. The upgraded model, according to news, is going under “advanced testing stages” and the release date is set just in time for the holidays.

There is also buzz regarding the possible release of the 7-inch iPad, which some are now tagging the iPad Nano. This new version is said to be 200g lighter than the original iPad. Economic Daily News reports that production of the iPad’s components was contracted to Taiwanese companies. The news of the 7-inch iPad was leaked by the same Chinese newspaper that also predicted the dimensions of the iPad months before its release. FaceTime and the new 7-inch iPad are two reasons iPad is shooting up to the top of the list of holiday gift choices for 2010.

iPad Christmas Apps

iPad apps for Christmas are now widely available. The Christmas Tree Decorator enables users decorate their very own tree. The user may choose to adorn it with lights, candy canes and other Christmas ornaments.3D Jingle Balls is an app compatible with the iPhone, iPod Touch and the iPad. Players tilt their devices to get the Christmas ball fall into holes. Reviews give this game a good rating for its good visuals, jolly Christmas music and its simplicity. To find, additional, fun Christmas apps for the iPad, you can check out reviews online.

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  1. yolamorse Says:

    I go to the mall, it’s empty, I walk into the Apple store and it’s packed everytime I go. Its truly amazing. Apple stock is cheap. 23 dollars eps in 2011 and that is being conservative. 420 by next Christmas. The train is just starting to move, make sure you get aboard before it really gets going!! Choo Choo, btw: i find the aneesoft apps are very good companion to ipad.

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