A Card’s Lasting Impression

Children may often wonder why adults keep stacks of Christmas cards when every year they only receive more brand new cards. As they grow up, they eventually realize that Christmas cards are one of the treasures of Christmas that always leave a lasting impression. Handmade or store bought

From one liners to back to back writings, Christmas cards are so personal, so obviously thought hard of by the creator, that they become such valuable treasures.  Some people may sneer at store bought cards which only bear the giver’s signature and Merry Christmas. But examine the card closely then read the words, that card was specially picked by the giver for a reason. The giver probably didn’t know how to say thank you, merry Christmas or even I love you in a much better way. So don’t frown when you receive store bought cards for they are as precious as any other gift.

But, handmade card on the other hand, obviously have a bigger effect on receivers. At first glance people can’t help but appreciate all the effort that was poured into it. Every single cut and decoration bears the obvious intention of the giver to make his loved one smile.

But what really makes the card special of course, is not its design. Similar to the store bought ones, what is written inside that card is what makes it special. That crudely written “ I lav U mom” or elaborately designed “Thank you for always being there” will definitely make the intended reader grin from ear to ear.

That special message

It’s not easy to say what you want to say, especially if it concerns a special person. Be it for the family, lover or friend, writing has always been valued for the freedom and comfort that it provides. Different types of cards are valued for this reason, they are special because of the special messages that they contain. During Christmas, people will rush to the stores to pick out the best cards or buy supplies. It is the time of giving, forgiving, fellowship, and of course love!

What better time is there other than Christmas, for people to send their special messages to the people they cherish? Christmas cards are special because they contain various messages. From the simplest lines to the deepest thoughts of people, Christmas cards have the extraordinary power of bringing everyone closer!

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Cherished forever

Christmas time will always leave a deep a mark in our memories. All the gifts, food, laughter and jolly atmosphere will always leave our hearts on the verge of bursting. But most of the time what really strums our heart strings are the lasting impression that a simple Christmas card can leave. They are special treasures that are cherished forever!

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