Luxury Christmas Gifts

Luxury Christmas gifts do not have to empty your wallet. You can purchase plenty of wonderful things for your family this Christmas and still have some money left for other Christmas goodies.

When you are trying to decide what to get your family for Christmas, start by taking a look at how you want to present your gift first and work from there.

Starting with your wife, you can make a Christmas basket, pack multiple gifts in a big bag or box, or go with a beautiful Christmas stocking that is chock full of small luxury gifts that doesn’t hurt your wallet but will make her beam with happiness. The Christmas stocking idea is truly a fun one and while you think it isn’t big enough to hole a lot, you’d be surprised what you could pack in this velvet, silk or needlepoint stocking complete with her name on it.

The big luxury Christmas gift you plan on giving your wife this year will – hopefully – come in a small box that can be shoved in the toe of the stocking. This assures you that it will be the last one she opens. There are so many options open here – from rings to earring to necklaces…put them in the toe. Add to the stocking gourmet treats and candy that she loves, allowing her to indulge in them all year long if she wants. Add her favorite spa products, a gift certificate to her favorite store – make it worthwhile – and other things she would enjoy and you will have made her Christmas a very luxurious one.

Once you have mom covered, it’s time to see what the kids want for Christmas. Buying luxury Christmas gifts for your children can be just as easy as buying them for your wife. Take in their ages and act accordingly. Younger children would love a beautifully handcrafted rocking horse or elaborate play den that can utilized all year long as they explore their imaginations. Older children who are capable of handling the responsibility will enjoy riding an off road bike or all terrain vehicle around the yard.

You can also indulge in luxury gifts for the entire family that include 60 inch large screen televisions, video game consoles such as the Nintendo Wii or Sony Playstation and even other smaller but still luxurious items as an iPhone or iPod. No matter what type of gifts your family likes, luxury ones such as mentioned above are truly ways to excite them and make their Christmas extra special. Presentation of the gift is as important as the gift itself and if you should happen to get the gift months before Christmas, make sure you remember where you hid it.

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  1. Mary Kate Says:

    Lots of good ideas. Thanks. I will have to make a list for next year.

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