How to Select a Gift for Your Best Male Friend

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To Select a Gift for Your Best Male Friend can become a confusing task even though you know him well enough to be well aware of his likes and dislikes.

This is because it is not easy to objectively choose a gift for someone who is so close to your heart. You could buy him something that he has been hankering for or you could do the unexpected and surprise him with something totally bizarre. Either way, you should be assured of his tastes and preferences and buy him something that you know will be appreciated. The cost of the gift is immaterial as long as it is a gift that shows you care. Here are some tips to keep in mind when buying a gift for a best male friend.

A few gift suggestions

  • First thing to do before buying the gift is to find out what your friend is really interested in. Is it books, sports, music or something else altogether. If you know the likes and interests your quest becomes easier.
  • If you feel a little unsure of yourself, there is no harm in asking him what he would like. It is better than to gift him something that he has no use for and would not appreciate.
  • One thing to keep in mind is to set a price limit. The rule of thumb is - the older the friend the more expensive the gift. Of course if the gift is very personal then the price becomes unimportant.
  • Gift him something that you both would enjoy doing together like paying for taking a local fishing trip, playing a round of golf or tickets of some activity that he likes.
  • A very sweet gift would be for you to make arrangements for a surprise party and inviting all his and your friends.
  • If there is any sporting event going on you could gift him the tickets of his favorite game.
  • Wine of the Month Clubs such as will send you bottles of rare wine from award winning wineries around the world.


  • Gift wrap the present attractively. Older people also like the excitement of tearing away the wrapping paper to take out the gift.
  • Give the gift to your friend yourself. Sending it through the courier is not the same thing.


  • Don’t buy a gift if you are unsure. Gift him a gift certificate instead, it will be appreciated.

2 Comments about “How to Select a Gift for Your Best Male Friend”

  1. G.G. Says:

    My best friend is 14, and he plays games online all the time. Although we can spend all day together doing nothing, he has a short attention span when it comes to online games. That made it hard for me to decide on a gift. So I’m getting him Ultimate Game Card so he can use it on the game he decides is the one he likes on that day. What he doesn’t know, is I only have to walk down to 7-Eleven to buy it. LOL. I’m thinkin’ I’ll throw in some beef jerky too–just for fun.

  2. Santa'sfavorite Says:

    Well I always have trouble buying for my boyfriend and other men in my family so I talk them into opening up an online gift list and then I know exactly what to get them. And they love it cuz they’re not getting a boring tie, or something else they would never use.

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