How To Personalize Christmas Gifts

Personalization MallPersonalizing a Christmas gift does not have to cost you an arm and a leg. Here we’ll show you how to do it.

We all love to shop for and receive gifts from our friends and family at Christmas time. Many times when we find a very special gift for someone we like to have is personalized. Rings, watches, jewelry, pewter items, glassware – all of these items can easily be personalized, usually at the store you buy them at with little to no extra cost. But what if you purchase something that cannot be personalized by having a name or initials etched into the surface? What if you want to do something more than just that?

Personalizing a Christmas gift really isn’t that difficult when you stop to think about some of the options you have. When people hear the word ‘personalize’ they automatically think ‘etch initials in an item’. Personalizing means much more than that and if you know the receiver of the gift well enough you can personalize their gift in such a way that they take pride explaining it to the people around them.

Example: Italian charm bracelets

Let’s look at the gift of Italian charms for an Italian charm bracelet, a popular piece of jewelry that both women and men wear today, as an example. Italian charms are 9mm metal links that when joined together in a strand of 17 to 20 make a stretchy bracelet. They come in a wide variety of styles, themes, sayings…you name it, you can probably find it on an Italian charm. You decide to buy an Italian charm bracelet for your daughter for Christmas.

How could you personalize this charm bracelet gift?

The first thing you need to do is determine some of the things your daughter enjoys. Look for charms that represent their hobbies, their likes, the things they enjoy the most. If they play a sport, add a charm to the bracelet that represents the sport. Do they like a specific actor or music group? Try to find a charm with these people on it. Did they vacation someplace special? Add a charm that represents it.

Truly personalized gift

Personalizing a Christmas gift should be more about that person than just their name and initials. Always look for ways that expresses the person themselves. If you have a family member that loves unique hats, personalize your gift by purchasing one that you feel represents them. You have to think beyond the usual personalization techniques in order to come up with a truly unique personalized gift. Maybe personalizing a gift requires buying small items and putting them together in one big package. Anything is possible. Use the quirks and interests of your friends and family to help you shop and you will buy truly personalized gifts every time.

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4 Comments about “How To Personalize Christmas Gifts”

  1. Sidney Says:

    There’s almost nothing better than receiving a monogram personalized gift, that is unless it has your entire name on it. If you want to send a gift in lieu of jewelry, a personalized awesome gift is offered by an online company, Cake and a Prayer.

    Cake and a Prayer offers a succulent lemon pound cake along with a personalized message card. You can elevate the gift by including a personally selected scripture or an inspirational message selected by the giver.

    I recently sent one and the receiver’s response was, “It was the most unique gift ever”. She also said the cake was delicious.

    It nourishes the soul and feeds the spirit.

  2. giftforeveryone Says:

    here it is really explained how personalized gifts are not just about initials and names. it is more than that. a true personalized gift is about care and emotionas. thank you.

  3. Margie Says:


    You can have personalized greeting tags made with any image and message, including the recipients full name.
    For secret Santa’s this year I put homemade earrings in a small tote bag and put personalized mini tags over the handle.

  4. Glass Says:

    Not bad idea.
    You can also try to research some kind of murano glass and personalized it.
    You can find different kind of bracelets, necklaces and some special ideas for a great and personalized Christmas gift.

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