Chicago’s Christmas Decorations

Chicago cityEach year in December, Chicago is transformed into a wonderland of Christmas throughout the area. Visitors can enjoy a winter wonderland with all of the decorations the windy city has to offer.

Chicago is the largest city in the Midwestern part of the United States and is home to world-recognized shopping, fine dining, architecture, famous museums and centers of theater.

In Chicago, there is the annual Christkindlmarket–a festival of sorts with Christmas decorations, decorated Christmas trees and a wide variety of souvenirs and gifts for the many visitors who attend this celebration. There are more than forty cabins made from timber that serve as visitors booths for the visitors to taste special food. It is loosely based on the Nuremberg Christkindlmarkt.

The famous Marshall Fields department store, located on State Street, is particularly famous for its Christmas displays.

Christmas lights light up the Magnificent Mile along North Michigan Avenue. All of the malls and stores there are lit up with decorations and Christmas lights. The Marshall Fields decorations often involve a theme and motorized decorations that tell a story related to the Christmas holiday.

Many of the local concerts and theaters offer festive holiday programs for locals and visitors alike. The hotels and restaurants also decorate themselves for the holiday season. Visitors can eat among decorations and strings of Christmas lights.

A couple of other famous attractions in the area are the Lincoln Park Zoo, the Chicago Botanical Garden and the Museum of Science and Industry. All of these sites are decked out for the season as well as being fun places to go in the first place.
Christmas decorations in Chicago are not flashy but are traditional and original–unique to Chicago. Enjoy the decorations from the end of November until the beginning of January.

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