How to buy Christmas stocking stuffers

Christmas StockingsHow to buy Christmas stocking stuffers might be the uppermost thought in most parents’ minds as another Christmas rounds the corner.

Christmas is the season to celebrate the joy of living and togetherness with friends and family and exchange warm gifts. Even though the tradition of hanging up stockings either above the fireplace or at the bottom of beds, on Christmas Eve, for Santa to fill up with goodies, is as old as Christmas itself, it still epitomizes Christmas quite like no other tradition.

The children, particularly the little ones as well as the big ones who never quite grow up, mainly look forward to stuffed stockings that they find hanging at the bottom of their beds on bright Christmas mornings.

What to buy for whom

  • Little babies: Babies would enjoy getting bath toys, rattles or small and cuddly soft toys in their stockings.
  • Small children: Would typically enjoy their stockings to be stuffed with wooden toys, crayons or other coloring sets, glitter pens, even stickers, candies and chocolates.
  • Pre-teenagers (Boys): Age appropriate videos and CDs, game-boys, baseball cards, walkie-talkie sets, caps, catapults, water proof watches etc.
  • Pre-teenagers (Girls): Stickers, locking diaries, bracelets, hair clips and other hair decorations, glitter nail enamel, Barbie doll sets, make up kits, age appropriate videos and CDs.
  • Teenagers (Boys and girls): Small remote control toys, cell phones, store gift certificates, video games, computer accessories etc.
  • Men: Hand held digital Sudoku games, crossword puzzle books, travel mugs, travel guide books, gift certificates, digital cameras, small DVD players, GPS systems, etc.
  • Women: Scarves, bars of hand crafted soaps, gift certificates to spas and saloons, paper back or audio books, small sets of electric candles, a book light etc.
  • Grand Parents: Pill boxes, tablet cutters, gift vouchers to health stores, sets of playing cards, old time movies, compasses, favorite tobacco and pipe cleaners, etc.


  • Do check online for good deals that are available on the internet.
  • Do take care to give age appropriate gifts


  • Take care to ensure that the gift is not too large to fit into the stocking.

2 Comments about “How to buy Christmas stocking stuffers”

  1. Tom Says:

    Some great advice there.

    Someone I know used to fill their children’s stockings with the Happy Meal toys from McDonalds. She used to take the toys off the kids before they got to play with them - much to the kids disappointment!

    Tom -

  2. martoon Says:

    We used to have the cute little stockings placed at the side of our bed every christmas eve - filled with chocolates and a lil mix tape :D I miss it but i love christmas for different reasons now, I appreciate it more.

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