How to To Select a Gift for Your Boss

Boss giftTo select a gift for your boss can be a slightly tricky affair because you want to give something useful and still not go over the top. There is a very fine line between what constitutes good taste and what is an absolute no-no. Your boss is your superior and you need to gift something that shows your respect for him/ her but is still impersonal. The gift need not be expensive; in fact it should not be so but exude good sense and taste. It should be useful so that it does not sit on a corner shelf gathering dust or worse finds its way into the nearest waste bin. Here are some simple things to keep in mind when buying a gift for your boss.

A few gift ideas:

  • First thing to keep in mind is to set a price limit. Take care not to gift a very expensive thing. You will end up embarrassing your boss and making him/ her very uncomfortable.
  • Next thing to do is to choose a gift that is both practical and impersonal. Your relationship with your boss is formal and your choice of gift should reflect that.
  • An excellent gift to send to any boss is a gift basket filled with either good coffee or assorted chocolates and cookies or even fresh fruit.
  • An impersonal yet thoughtful gift is to buy a plant for your boss. If you buy a seasonal flower it will wither and die away so go in for a perennial, but take care to first find out if your boss is fond of gardening.
  • Another good gift is to get a bestseller or a CD with relaxing music for your boss.
  • You can consider getting a greeting card for your boss to convey your feeling of regard and respect for him/ her without stepping over the line.


  • Keep the gift simple and straight forward and without frills. Keep it inexpensive and practical.
  • Choose a wrapping paper that is not too flowery or has messages written on it.


  • Don’t get a box of printing paper or printer ink cartridge.
  • Then again, do not buy jewelry, clothing, toiletries or mushy greeting cards, the gesture will not be appreciated.

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