January 2007 sales around the world

January salesJanuary sales marks the end of the holiday shopping season and generally starts in the first few weeks or January. Many retail stores use January sales to boost their sometimes slow Christmas shopping season. January sales usually mean big savings on a variety of merchandise at a bunch of different stores even very high end department stores and luxury retail stores.

January sales around the world

  • USA: depending on the retail store, the start of the sales can be the day after Christmas or at the beggining of January.
  • Paris: january sales last 4 weeks and usually beginning on the first Wednesday in January (January 3rd 2007).
  • London: sales start the day after Christmas and last for a month.
  • Italy: the January sales last for at least 6 weeks and begin on the first weekend of January (January 6th 2006).
  • Germany: the January sales or Winterschlußverkauf begins on the last Monday of January and lasts for 12 days (January 29th 2007).

Many consumers wait until the January sales to get the most out of their holiday cash or holiday gift cards.

3 Comments about “January 2007 sales around the world”


    I live in Portugal but i want to go to New York for shopping but i want to go in the winter sales.
    Do you know if they make the same period of discounts like in Europe.
    Please could you give an idea of the dates because i need to book the flight and the hotel .
    Thanks a lot

  2. admin Says:

    The sales start even before Europe: the day just after Christmas.

  3. krissy Says:

    I’m going to new york in january..roughly when would the sales end?

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