How to Decorate a Kitchen for Christmas

All our Christmas dinner delicacies emanate from our kitchen. So it is only fair that we decorate our kitchen also and make it presentable. Further, kitchen is a place that will be frequented for long hours on a Christmas day. That is an added reason why it should be pretty.


It is best to use a theme, especially a Christmas theme, for decorating your kitchen.
Santa Claus and his reindeers will make a good Christmas theme, and so will snow-related themes like snowflakes, snow-covered cottages, or snowmen. Farm theme, forest theme, and sea theme will also work well for a kitchen even though it will not be Christmas-related. Once you decide the theme, you can start collecting things like pictures, napkin holders, table mats, or dishwasher cover to match the theme, or even make a collage to suit the theme.

Arrange the table artistically.

Use a tablecloth or tablemats to match the theme and use conspicuous and attractive tableware. Arrange the dishes in such a way that they themselves look like decoration pieces.

The centerpiece of the table should be bright and attractive.

You can crochet a good centerpiece or buy one. Or you can make a miniature Christmas tree in the center of the table and decorate it.

Hang dish-towels that match the color or theme of the kitchen.

Stores will have various matching combinations of dish-towels, potholders, napkin holders, floor rugs, and table mats. Choose carefully from those collections.

Decorate with ornaments

Use as much Christmas ornaments as possible in the kitchen. If you have made a miniature Christmas tree there, hang small ornaments on it. Hang a few on door handles, napkin holders, fridge door, or cabinets.

Tie ribbons

Suspend beads or baubles on bright ribbons to make the kitchen colorful. Even at places where you do not want to suspend a bauble, make sure that a colorful ribbon is hanging. Alternatively, you can pin up ribbons in the shape of scallops in front of the cabinets or on the wall.

Use candles to decorate.

Even unlighted candles work well as items of decoration for they are available in a variety of colors and shapes, including female forms. Use a few of them to decorate the kitchen. Go in for scented candles so that they will make the room fragrant.

Decoration Gift Baskets

Find a large selection of Christmas gift baskets for the home and kitchen.

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