The True Joy of Christmas

Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year for it signifies the redemption of man through the birth of Christ. All through this season, everyone must keep in their minds and hearts all the blessing that God has shared. He gave us his only son, Jesus Christ our saviour, His most precious one.

That was the greatest sacrifice of the Lord God and it should be remembered well. With all the feasting, merry making and other happy activities that are going on, God only asks that his subjects pause a while to remember and greet his beloved son. The true meaning of Christmas lies in each and every heart and that meaning is love.

Pay it forward

This phrase is very common but is not widely practiced by all. Pretty ironic don’t you think? This is due to the fact that paying it forward is not that easy. More and more people would rather be on the receiving end than at the giving end. Times are hard but that doesn’t mean we can’t extend a helping hand. If everyone offers even a small bit of help, adding it all up will make one giant gesture filled with love and care.

Paying it forward is very valuable during Christmas time. The best gift that can be given to the Lord God, is to show him that we love each other as much as he has loved us. It is even said in his teachings that whatever we do to our neighbours, we do unto Him as well. If we celebrate this Christmas time with much love, we are already showing to Him how much we love him and also how much we value the sacrifices of his beloved son.

The gift of love

The act of giving has been associated with Christmas time since hundreds of years ago. Men dashed about looking for the perfect flower or knick-knack to make their young maidens smile. Parents crowd the toy stores to make their little boys jump with joy. All this giving and desire to make someone happy, is actually a person’s desire to give a gift that could send their feelings of love and care across.

Give love on Christmas day. This song could not have summed up the true meaning of Christmas in a better way. Yes, the man on the street and the couple upstairs, actually everyone needs to know that there are people who care. Give love on Christmas day and realize that there is no other gift that can match its greatness.

Little, big actions

This Christmas time, let’s all make everyone happy with our little but big actions of love. Share some special food with your neighbour. Give out sandwiches to those who are hungry on the street. Even the most touching acts of children like, preparing breakfast for their hard-working parents are all really little actions that have great significance to those who receive them.

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