The Joys of Wrapping

Gifts have been bought, materials are laid out it’s time to get wrapping! Gift wrapping is a special activity during Christmas that is very fun and rewarding for people of different ages. A beautiful wrapper can add more excitement and fun to both the receiver and giver.


Even in gift wrapping, a lot of things are revealed. Sometimes, it’s either determined by the giver or receiver’s personality. Sometimes the wrapping greatly depends on the gift and occasion itself. But, the true splendour of gift wrapping, which sets it apart from other paper craft, is its ability to convey the feelings, thoughts and efforts of its creator.

The value of a gift increases simply by how it is wrapped. On a lot of occasions, looking at how much effort and thought the giver poured into wrapping their gifts, the wrapper itself turns into something as valuable as the gift it hides. Wrappers and gifts can even reveal the value they hold by also revealing how much the giver values the intended receiver.

What it symbolises

Christmas wrappers, or any wrappers for that matter, don’t have to be glittery and expensive. People can utilize their old newspapers, magazines and even recycle old wrappers. All they need to do is to be creative or think out of the box.

Keep in mind that gift wrappers represent our feelings toward the receiver. It symbolises the thoughts which are harder to express in words. Actions speak louder than words so people should not be afraid to express what they feel. The edges don’t have to be cut straight, or the folding to be perfect. Even the most crude and crooked designs can beat the elegantly premade wrappers, if it contains all the sincere intentions of the giver. *

Gift wrapping is an art, the art of sending all our thoughts and feelings to the people we hold dear.

The irony of wrappers

People pour so much effort in wrapping their gifts that it’s kind of hard to want to unwrap them. But contrary to this notion, one of the ironies of wrapping is the fulfilment that is felt when our loved ones hurriedly tear them off to get to the gift inside. It seems almost cruel to do this but wrapping a gift is not the end, it is actually just the beginning.

Everyone must keep in mind that wrappers are meant to be taken off. Wrappers are meant to bring joy when they are seen and bring even greater satisfaction when they are unwrapped. With the simple act of unwrapping the carefully wrapped gifts, the receiver shows that they fully accept the thoughts and efforts of the giver.

The special bridge

Through the act of giving and receiving, gift wrapping takes on a whole new purpose. It becomes a bridge of all the feelings that we wish to convey. From bonding with the children at the art room, to the chaos under the tree when the bell strikes midnight, our gift wrappers connect us to the people we love.

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  1. candy cane Says:

    Christmas has always been a wonderful time to build family memories. When my children were small we didn’t have family nearby so… we built our own family memories. Wrappig gifts on Christmas eve was one of them.

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