Educational Christmas Gifts for Children

When selecting Christmas gifts for children, go for something that is educational as well as fun.

Kids are easy to get gifts for, because they will generally love any toy that can be found in a toy store. Their imagination is limitless and they can have endless fun playing with a simple stick or cardboard box. At their age, work is a game and school is playtime. It’s best to take advantage of this openness of theirs and give them toys that they will enjoy and that will also enhance their learning. Below are some of the classics that will never go out of style.

Building blocks

Among the simplest of toys are the building blocks. Some, like Lego, have special attachment features that help one block connect to the next. Some blocks are simply cubes of smoothened wood. Going back to the earlier example of the stick and the cardboard box, it doesn’t really matter what the blocks look like, as they are sure to produce hours of fun for the child. The reason though that blocks have continued to be a popular choice for parents is because these toys stir the imagination and creativity of their children. Three blocks arranged in a triangle may be a house or a tree in the child’s mind. Four blocks in a square with another on top may be a car for them to drive around in. With such versatile possibilities, blocks provide hours of creative pleasure for children.

Rubik’s cube

All puzzles are wonderful for developing problem-solving skills in children and the Rubik’s cube is one of the most loved. Twist and turn the cube until all 6 sides have solid colors. It sounds easy, but figuring out how to move that lingering yellow square away from the rest of the orange ones can be challenging. This one cube can be the source of skilled enjoyment for hours or years.

Drum set

What kid doesn’t love banging away at a drum set? Musical instruments in general are great for kids because they enhance a child’s musical creativity. Drum sets in particular are also wonderfully for developing hand-to-eye coordination and fine motor skills as the child attempts to hit particular drums or cymbals to produce a certain beat. Don’t forget to include a pair of earplugs for the parents.

Many classic children’s toys continue to be popular because both kids and parents love them. The kids enjoy them and learn many skills for life, while the parents can rest easy knowing these toys have been tried and tested for decades.

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