Christmas Flowers

Perhaps the best Christmas gift for Mom this year is a bouquet of flowers. The holiday season sees a beautiful array of cold-weather flowers that are in bloom that Mom would absolutely adore.

The Classic

Not at all a stretch, the Poinsettia is always a great choice. The red and green colours pop in a snow white backdrop. As they are perennial plants, they are fit as a centrepiece for weeks after the holidays. Though the most popular Poinsettia array consists of red leaves, they also come in white and pink.

Care for this plant is fairly straight-forward: keep hydrated, but don’t overwater. Keep it in indirect sunlight, with temperatures no lower than 55° and no higher than 65°.

Assorted Bouquets

There are many ways to ring in the holidays with flowers that range in style from daisies to roses. Both come in classic Christmas colours: red and white. An arrangement of these flowers makes a gorgeous centrepiece and will give Mom a warm thrill. Posies –also in red– are rather lovely, as well, warming up any home with their light, fluffy composition.

Assorted Flora

Don’t think that flowers are the only way to impress Mom this year. Different sized and shaped plants provide holiday cheer and get the entire family in the Christmas spirit. An assortment of holly and berries is a holiday classic, balancing the striking green holly with the juicy red berries. Holiday wreaths are also very popular and provide a great deal of utility, acting as both an attractive door piece as well as lovely centrepiece for any dinner table. To add a little variety to any holiday bouquet, consider adding pinecones and full cinnamon sticks. The earthy spice of the pinecone and cinnamon gives the home a lovely aroma and gives Mom a great surprise for her senses.

Christmas Ccactus

Perhaps a plant that many have neglected to appreciate is the Christmas cactus. Remember, it’s Christmas all over the world and cacti provide some lovely flowers ranging in colour from red, to white, to purple. Though the nature of the cactus provides that it requires very little watering, the flowers do tend to fall off after a few weeks.

Nature doesn’t stop for the holidays. Shops may close, but nature is always on the move. Flowers for Mom and the whole family will add warmth and majesty to any home.

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