DIY Homemade Christmas Gifts

Homemade Christmas gifts and Christmas gift baskets are easier on the pocket, easier to assemble and often seem more sincere than many store-bought presents.

Making homemade Christmas gifts this year brings with it loads of benefits for everyone. Homemade crafts are easier on the budget, make it reach farther so everyone can receive something nice. Making things yourself saves time and energy compared to pushing and rushing through the store crowds. Doing things at home means more time to spend with family. Especially if everyone gets involved in the endeavor, making gifts can actually become a family bonding experience.

Finally, presents created by hand were also created by the heart and giving something homemade shows that more effort went into the selection and creation of this very special gift.

Many favorite handmade presents are of the edible and practical varieties.

Making it edible

Christmas is certainly a time for feasting and everyone loves to receive and try good food during the holidays. An additional benefit of sending homemade goodies is that they are generically loved by all, so there’s no need to spend endless hours thinking of different gifts to give a sister, aunt and cousin. Also, they’re easy to mass produce since it’s just a matter of using the same ingredients in bigger quantities or multiple batches.

A classic is to send a batch of Christmas cookies cut into Christmas tree and reindeer shapes, and covered with sprinkles. Homebaked bread is especially warm and toasty if the secret recipe is included. A box of handmade truffles or homemade almond roca are especially indulgent. For those feeling especially creative, try putting together your own gingerbread house!

Make it practical

People are sometimes hesitant to give household or personal items as gifts because they seem so ordinary and mundane. While this may be true for store-bought items, those assembled or decorated according to a good idea often become unique and cherished presents. Besides, it’s always better when friends are actually able to use the gifts they’ve received instead of storing them in the back of some cupboard.

Every home can use some pretty candles. Melt some old candles in a double boiler and pour the molten wax into some old teacups bought from the thrift store. Another idea is to make pottery serving bowls and give them to friends along with Christmas recipes. For givers with a garden, dry some flowers and give a dried flower sachet to help keep drawers and cupboards smelling fresh. For added style, include instructions for the drying processed used and some information on the types of flowers in the sachet.

For a great homemade gift, think of things that friends or family need at home. It doesn’t take much to turn something ordinary into a very special gift.

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  1. Steve Says:

    Sorry if this makes me a bit of a newbie, but I’m a Brit - what do you mean by a double boiler for melting candles?

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