Candle Light

Candles with their shine and warmth are often used to represent the magnificent Star of Wonder.

Aside from that, candles also carry a lot of symbolism and meaning that they have also become special items during Christmas. People say that candles can carry all our prayers and thoughts to the heavens with their light. Often times too, they are depended on for the tenderness and glow that they can bring to our home.

The First Flame

The use of candles did not actually have Christian roots. They started out as props for pagan practices like worshiping the sun together with bonfires. They were offered to different Gods but they had similar uses to the modern Christmas candles. They were used to ward of darkness and also to welcome the coming New Year.

Another similarity also, was that in the olden times they were likewise used to represent purification. Then as Christianity spread, the humble candle retained some of its qualities while gaining an even bigger role after the coming of Christ. It stood as a symbol for the Star of Wonder that marked the birth of Christ the King and the guiding light that helped the shepherds and the three kings find him.

During Christmas time, there are people who still practice the placing of candles on their windows to act as a guide to the Christ child as he visits the different houses.

Decorating our homes

Candles are not only used as symbols and props for rituals. After the celebration of Christmas became much more wide spread, more decoration was needed and used that the candle was not exempted. In the Victorian era, the candles were used to light up homes and their Christmas trees. Martin Luther started this practice when he wanted to recreate for his wife and kids the image of stars shining through the boughs of evergreen. People saw this as a unique innovation and then different styles were created.

Glass and other types of containers were made until eventually electricity was discovered and electronically powered lights were made available to the general public. Even with the new discoveries, every year candles are still widely used. A lot of variations were conceptualized until eventually unique designs were developed. From the simple ones to the scented and floating candles, they still hold a special glow for the season.

The warm glow

During Christmas time, candles are highly valued due to their wondrous effect. The feast on your dinner table would not seem complete without the warm glow of a couple of candles decorated with a small wreath. That special candle light can lift up the mood of everyone around and shower all your loved ones with its magical brilliance.

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